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Humberto Solas film Barrio Cuba to be shown in Hollywood

Posted November 09, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

The feature-length film “Barrio Cuba” (Neighborhood Cuba), the latest motion picture by Cuban moviemaker Humberto Solas, will be exhibited in Hollywood in November.

According to experts, the exhibition will take place at the Spielberg Auditorium and the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles.

“Barrio Cuba”, starring popular Cuban artists like Isabel Santos, Mario Limonta and Aurora Basnuevo, tells the story of seven people who live in the Havana suburbs and are looking for love.

Humberto Solas, a prominent moviemaker in Latin America, received the 2005 National Film Award in Cuba.

Founder of the so-called New Latin American Cinema, Solas became famous after making his film “Lucia”, which world critics included among the ten best films of Ibero-American cinema.

Other films by Humberto Solas are “Manuela” (1966), “Cecilia” (1981-1982), “Simparele” (1974), “Un Dia de Noviembre” (1972), “Cantata de Chile” (1975) and “Un Hombre de Exito” (1986).

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