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Travel to Havana for salsa, rumba, son and mambo dance lessons

Posted October 11, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2006 schedule of music and dance programs in Cuba.
Popular Music and Dance Program
Date:  February 17 March 3, 2006
Price: $2,450     Program features 4-5 hours of classes daily in Son, Mambo, Cha-cha-cha, Cuban-style Salsa, Rumba and Latin Jazz.

Music Instruction for Percussion, Drumset, Piano, Bass, Tres/Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Sax, Violin and Vocals. Plus rhythm workshops, arranging and ensemble classes.

Salsa Dance Classes separated by level. Dance with Cuban partner throughout the program.

Who can travel legally to Cuba this type of program?

All of our programs are offered for professionals who will travel to Cuba to do research related to their field. If you are a musician, dancer, writer, teacher or other type of artist, you may qualify to travel this way. We are also now offering legal opportunities to travel to Cuba under a specific license in the humanitarian category. Please contact us to see how you can travel legally for one of our programs.

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Afro-Cuban Music and Dance     July 14 28, 2006
Popular Dance and Percussion   July 14 28, 2006 

Cuban Music Intensive, in conjunction with Havana Jazz Festival, December 2006

Please contact us for further information or check out full descriptions of each program on our website by clicking the corresponding link. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alisa, Elena and Vanya

Member Comments

On February 24, 2006, Daniel Mattox wrote:

I am a US physician. My wife and I travelled to Cuba several years ago, before the changes under the Bush administration. We would love to be able to return. Under what circumstances would this be possible… are any of your programs an avenue for our return?