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Where to eat in Havana in 1947

Posted October 04, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Scanned from 1947 tourist guide to Havana Cuba - Havana Weekly


CHEZ SANTA CLARA, on the terrace of the Presidente Hotel, Splendid food in an atmosphere of distinction. Bar and cocktail lounge. Table d’hote and a la carte.

COSMOPOLITA PATIO. Restaurant of traditional fame. Charming colonial atmosphere in Prado Boulevard, heart of Havana.

Exquisite table. Imported wines. Bar.

LA ZARAGOZANA. Founded in 1830. Sea food a specialty of this house. Fine cuisine of every kind. 355 Monserrate Street.

LA REGULADORA. One of the oldest and of best repute, now under the management of the well-known Maitre Antonio. Real specialties. 412 Amistad Street.

EL CARMELO. Fine food, Cuban, French and American style, served on the terrace. Calzada and Dst., Vedado.

LA CONCHA RESTAURANT. Delicious food served in the open. Swim, eat and relax. La Concha Beach, Marianao.

HOTEL NACIONAL. Restaurant of international “haute cuisine”. The most distinguished and beautiful place. Tea dance.

INTERNATIONAL CLUB. Restaurant and bar. Musical solos by Mata on the melodious solovox. Vedado residential section.

THE COLONY. Restaurant and bar. High-class atmosphere in the best ,residential section Very - good food. 102 Twenty-first street, Vedado.

MARIO’s CLUB. New and comfortable. Air-conditioned. Delicious food and cocktails. Industria and San Miguel Streets.

PRADO 86. Excellent Bar and Restaurant. 264 Prado Blvd.

PARIS RESTAURANT. International cooking. Cathedral plaza.

THE FLORIDA. Specialist in cock-tails and “haute cuisine”.

MIAMI RESTAURANT. Well known for good food. Prado and Neptuno Streets.

ROAD HOUSES. Thirty minutes from Havana, on the Wajay Road, crossing the Country Club and the typical town of Arroyo Arenas, you will find three attractive road houses; fine food, Cuban plants and cock fighting: EL CHICO, EL AUIBE, EL SITIO.

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