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El Mundo newspaper from Cuba 1938

Posted October 02, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Text scanned from 1938 Space Buyers’ Guide of Cuba listing print media in circulation at the time.

El Mundo on the breakfast table of the best Cuban families

Founded by Cubans thirty seven years ago, EL MUNDO has held to its tradition of publishing a newspaper for the better class of Cuban readers.

EL MUNDO is a strictly modern newspaper in every sense of the word. It has invested more than a half million dollars in recent years in new buildings and latest type of presses and mechanical equipment. Its press is a Double Sextuple Walter Scott, the best and most speedy press in Latin-America.

EL MUNDO is progressive in thought; forward, but not radical. Through full Associated Press Service, United Press, King Features Syndicate, Inc., and other special features, it gives its readers the latest current news, sports, markets and supplements.

EL MUNDO is a morning paper in a country where morning papers have always been popular. Advertisers and advertising agencies consider EL MUNDO indispensable when appealing to those thousands of Cuban families who have ample means for the comforts and luxuries of life.

Advertising rateóone price for all editions: $1.00 per inch. Four editions daily with 24 to 28 pages each, and 60 pages on Sundays.

May we send you a sample copy of Cuba’s most Cuban newspaper?

Foreign Representatives:

630 Fifth Avenue
New York
30 Bouverie St.

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