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El Pais newspaper from Havana in 1938

Posted September 30, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Text scanned from 1938 Space Buyers’ Guide of Cuba listing print media in circulation at the time.

El Pais

Alfredo Hornedo Suarez
Founder & President

Dr. Gonzalo Andux,

Cristobal Diaz

Jose Ma. Caicoya

Dr. Manuel Villaverde and Enrique Pizzi de Porras
Editors-Morning and Afternoon editions

“EL PAIS” enjoys an enormous sale in Havana, the capitals of all the Provinces and reaches out into every nook and corner of the interior. It is one paper you can buy in any city or hamlet in the Republic.

Associated Press, with continuous day and night wire and radio provides “EL PAIS” with every-thing that is good and interesting in news, Supplements of special features and comics in colors appear every Sunday.

“EL PAIS” has more than 30,000 subscribers and the largest news-stand sale of any paper in Cuba. It is edited and printed entirely in its own establishment.

Representatives in the United States :
Chalmers-Ortega 516 Fifth Ave. New York

For FULL Coverage Use “EL PAIS”

Galiano, Concordia & San Nicolas Sts. Havana, Cuba


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