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Diario de la Marina - Cuba’s oldest newspaper in 1938

Posted September 29, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Text scanned from 1938 Space Buyers’ Guide of Cuba listing print media in circulation at the time.

“Diario de la Marina” of Havana is now in its one hundred and sixth year of being Cuba’s first newspaper.

Its domestic news coverage is complete, its foreign news is supplied by the Associated Press, Havas and direct wire from the New York “Herald Tribune”; its editorials are known throughout the Spanish speaking world; features include a daily rotogravure section, daily and Sunday comic sections, Editors Press and King Syndicate features.

“Diario de la Marina” is bought each day by 65% of Cuban families with incomes of $5,000 and over. Of Cuban families with incomes between $2,500 and $5,000, 41.5% buy “Diario de la Marina”.

The circulation of “Diario de la Marina” is larger than that of any other newspaper sold on the Island, being 45,000 daily and 50,000 on Sunday. More than 70% of this circulation is by paid for in advance subscriptions.

“Diario de la Marina” consistently carries more column inches of advertising and has a higher advertising revenue than any other Cuban newspaper. “Diario de la Marina” is more than a daily newspaper ; it is the National Daily of Cuba.

is represented abroad by
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On January 13, 2007, Manuel Darío wrote:

I would need to know if by means of you I could obtain information and times articles on the presidential investiture in Cuba at the republican years from 1906 until the taking of being able to on the part of Fulgencio Batista.
I am a writer and I require of information on these matters, if you had it or could indicate me where to find it I would be very grateful.
Best regard
Manuel Darío

On January 13, 2007, publisher wrote:

Don’t have anything like that but search eBay for old newspapers and magazines and you might find something.

Good luck.

On December 06, 2010, Rafael wrote:

Does anyone know where I can get acces to Diario de la marian from June till September 1933?
Thank you