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Cuban cigarettes in short supply in Santiago de Cuba

Posted March 16, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Jorge Ramon Castillo | ICDPRESS |

A shortage of Aromas-brand cigarettes in Santiago de Cuba outlets has led to speculation, with prices rising over 100% from 7.50 pesos a pack.

Street prices are now running 20 pesos per pack, and there are reports
of people traveling as far as Havana to bring back cigarettes to sell.

Police have launched a campaign at the city’s terminals, looking for those who arrive with “suspicious quantities”, reportedly anything more than 10 packs. At the city’s rail station, they have confiscated hundreds of cigarette packs so far. Authorities display the confiscated merchandise to discourage what the government looks upon as capitalist activities.

In 1993, a similar crisis sent prices skyrocketing to as much as 80 pesos a pack. The average monthly salary, according to official statistics, is 240 pesos a month.

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On March 16, 2005, publisher wrote:

Thank God for and its USAID-backed ability to show us the very worst that Cuba has too offer.

Can their local reporters not find anything worse in Cuba? They should spend a day in an American city the size of Havana and see what they find to report.