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Posted February 10, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

I just got my first issue of The H magazine and it is fantastic. I met with the publisher and he gave me a few promo copies. The first issue is even better than the promo issue. Anyone reading the Havana Journal should subscribe. Here is an excerpt from their website, [url=][/url]


THE H IS OUT THERE… 1 December 2004, The H 01 was launched in over 60 countries worldwide. We’ve busted expectations in major cities from Riyadh to Bogotá and Los Angeles, and got great feedback from London to Shanghai.


The H 02: Spring, dance and movement in a constantly renewed metropolis. ‘Can’t dance? Can’t stop me!’ Juan Miguel Más RE-INVENTS the concept of dance with his XXL company Danza Voluminosa. RE-CREATE: Young designers appropriate and RECYCLE materials into brilliant, imaginative collections. REBIRTH: The Malecon skyline shifts with new, futuristic architecture. The sounds of Síntesis are RENEWED with a dose of hip-hop. RESHAPE: ten ways to do a bit of your own bodywork while in town. REINVENT yourself in the Bella 2…

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On February 10, 2005, Dana Garrett wrote:

I ordered it months ago when you first advertised it here on HJ.  I wondered what the delay was.  I hope I get my copy soon.  Their website is quite good.