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Cuban biotech advances with lung cancer vaccine production

Posted January 13, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Three new plants will begin producing the Cuban therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer to be used for clinical trials on the island and for similar efficiency tests in the United States.
In statements to Trabajadores weekly newspaper, Dr. Gisela Gonzalez, who heads the project at the Cuban Molecular Immunology Center, said two of the plants are being assembled at the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Center and the other one at the Immunology Center, where the final product will be made.
The plants are expected to be up and functioning during the first semester of the current year.
Gonzalez said the facilities will meet the requirements for the realization of experiments for new treatments in humans, included in the agreement signed in July 2004 by the Molecular Immunology Center and the American firm CANCERVAX, one of the most prestigious vaccine research companies in the world.
The development of vaccines and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to treat malignant diseases is one of the most significant achievements of Cuban science.

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