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Havana International Film Festival in Cuba

Posted December 14, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Cuba is hosting the 26th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, at which many foreign films will be presented.

According to sources from the organizing committee, 21 feature-length and 26 short and medium-length films will compete at the festival, in addition to 20 movies by first-time directors, 28 documentaries, 27 cartoons, and 102 unfilmed scripts.

The list of foreign films in competition include “El Abrazo Partido” and “La Nińa Santa”, from Argentina; “El Corazon de Jesús” (Bolivia), “Sumas y Restas” (Colombia), “Motorcycle Diaries” (Brasil) and “Whisky” (Uruguay).

Cuba will present “Perfecto Amor Equivocado” and “Tres Veces Dos”. The latter will compete in the first-time director category.

The juries will be made up of prominent personalities like Peruvian critic, researcher and film producer Isaac Leon, Eduardo Rodríguez and Alfonso Rivera, from Spain, and Andrej Werner, from Poland.

Cuban prominent moviemaker Octavio Cortázar will head the jury in the categories of documentary, cartoons and posters.

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