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Two million boxes of Havana Club rum sold

Posted August 22, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

With 17 % of growth in its sales as annual average in its first decade of work, the Havana International Club (HCI) company , exclusive distributor of the famous Cuban rum, exceeded the two million boxes - nine liters - commercialized in 2003, including the White Aged that contains the Havana Loco, an amount that sets out to increase this year, as assured by the organization’s managers.

Such development sets the genuine rum of the Island in place # 50 among the one hundred first marks of aged of the planet, according to specialized magazine IMPACT.

The success was celebrated during last week in Havana by the company created in the decade of the ‘90s by the fusion of Corporacion Cuba Ron S.A., pertaining to Cuba’s Ministry of Food Industry, and the French group Pernord Ricard, for the world-wide level distribution of the Havana Club, with a varied program attended by about 800 guests, among them dealers, clients, barmen and other specialists, of 38 nations.

Alexandre Sirech, director of the company, emphasized that the quality of this rum has prevailed in the international market, which has allowed it a fast growth in sales. Its image now, he added, is reinforced with new packages, labels of identification and a metallic cap to guarantee its authenticity.

He reminded that the Havana Club has become the national drink of the Island, with a fame that extend its borders taking to other many nations the culture, the aroma and the Cuban flavor in a rum that is only and exceptional, able to satisfy the most refined taste.

He also explained that in addition to Cuba, the Old Continent today constitutes one of its main markets, where it maintains a remarkable growth. It is a leader drink in Italy, also stands out in Spain and Germany, and advances in countries of central and western Europe.

Sirech reminded that this famous rum is still not sold in the market of the United States due to the economic blockade maintained against Cuba by the Government of that country, where the transnational Bacardi tries to rob the mark. Nevertheless, in last January, and after years of conflict, the Bureau of Appeals of the Office of Patents and Registry of Marks of the U.S.A. decided to validate the registry of the Havana Club.

Interviewed by Cuba’s Opciones magazine, Patrick Ricard, president of the Group Pernod Ricard, he praised the decision and affirmed that a battle has been gained but not the war by the access to the American rum market. However, the Cuban mark will be protected there until the 2006. The French industralist reiterated that “at present we are very pleased” and he assured that if the blockade vere lifted, “we are ready to start selling Havana Club to the United States”.

On the other hand, Pierre Pringuet, executive of the French Group, highlighted the joy that follows the distribution and promotion of the Cuban rum in important international markets with the participation of two bands integrated by Cuban musical young people who also transmit the authenticity of their culture, action to be extended in the next months on clients’ request.

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