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La Corona Coronas Cuban Cigars, Vintage ad from 1938

Posted August 19, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


The world-wide fame of these famous cigars results in their being imitated more than other brands. For your protection see that you secure the genuine “La Carona” brand, every box of which carries the seal.

“La Corona” Factory also makes the following famous brands: Cabanas, Villar y Villar, Henry Clay, La Carolina, Bock & Co., La Meridiana, and Manuel Garcia Alonso.

Your visit to Havana will not be complete unless you visit its leading cigar factory… Tourists are cordially invited to visit La Corona Factory, No. 10 Zulueta street (opposite Presidential Palace)... Sales Department in the same building.

Advertisement from July 14 1938 Who’s Who Havana Cuba magazine

Member Comments

On November 25, 2004, William R Green wrote:

Gentlemen,  In the early 1960’ I smoked Corona Corona cigars made by La Corona.  Is there a web site in Canada or elsewhere that I can buy these cigars now?

Sincerely, William R Green