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Cuba Phone company slow to reestablish service in Havana suburbs after fire

Posted August 11, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Ana Leonor Díaz | Grupo Decoro | [url=][/url]

Barely 400 of the 15,000 phones that were put out of service by a fire
three days ago are working again. Phone company officials said the 400
lines were considered “of priority to society”; they belong mostly to
government concerns.

At to the rest of the lines put out by the fire, officials refused to
say when they might be put back in order, adducing a shortage of
supplies due to the “imperialist blockade.” The damaged equipment is of
Chinese manufacture.

The fire that broke out early Monday at the Lawton central station
affected digital switching and computer equipment. Officials said firemen
had to use water instead of CO2 to cool down the fire, causing further
damage to the delicate electronic equipment.

The exchanges affected, 44, 98, 99, and 690, service the neighborhoods
of Lawton itself, Mantilla, Managua, Aldabo, Boyeros, Santiago de las
Vegas, and Cotorro.

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