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Churcho Valdes and Los Van Van Nominated for 2004 Latin Grammy Awards

Posted July 20, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


The list of nominees to the 2004 Latin Grammy Awards included world-renowned Cuban musicians.

The Latin Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (LARAS) has nominated Maestro Chucho Valdes for his CD “New Conception”, in the jazz album category.

Another nominee is Los Van Van orchestra, directed by Juan Formell, for their record “Live at Miami Arena”, in the category of best salsa music album.

Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera was nominated in the best tropical traditional album category for “Amigos del Alma” (Soul Friends), which he recorded with Antonio Cabán Vale (El Topo).

LARAS announced the nominees in 41 categories at a ceremony attended by world-renowned Hispanic musicians, including Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, who tops the list of candidates with five nominations.

He is followed by Brazilian singer María Rita with four, Mexican Julieta Venegas and Cafe Tacuba with three, Bebo Valdes and El Cigala with three nominations for “Lagrimas Negras” (Black Tears), Argentine Leon Gieco, Charly García and Fito Páez, and Spanish Joan Manuel Serrat.

Member Comments

On July 21, 2004, publisher wrote:

Would Cuba give them a visa to travel to the US? Yes.

Would the US allow them to enter the country? NO.

On August 12, 2004, Lisa wrote:

I wonder what the artists think about the battle between the Cuban and US government. . .Are they really doing anyhting to harm anyone? Would they (the artists) be allowed to carry weapons of mass destruction (as terrorists supposedly do) into the auditorium where the award ceremony was to be held? I don’t think so, not unless US’ security is so lame that it can’t enforce the simple security tactics used in many high schools in poor neighborhoods across the nation such as metal detectors & x-ray devices. I have never been to the latin grammy’, but I sincerely hope that adequate security measures are being enforced. If they are, then there is no reason why Los Van Van and Chucho Valdes should not be allowed. They are not terrorists, the members of the musical groups put together probably have a record that’ less questionable than many security guards that are watching over juvenile halls, jails, and even high schools ( , ). The idea of not letting musicians into the country because of the government which presides over them is not right. Not to me atleast.
I think that if the US government really had enough confidence in their homeland security and security in general, they should allow these cuban artists the chance to enter the counttry and possibly receive the award that they were nominated for. Wasn’t it an american vote that nominated these artists?
I do not think that the artists are dangerous, I just think that it is hypocritical for the US government to claim to have eveything under control yet say that cubans cannot participate in an award ceremony because they are “terrorists”. What is the real reason why?