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Cuban Special Period Documentary - Sin Embargo: Never The Less

Posted June 08, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

by Judith Grey, Katherine Cheng & Eva Orner | [url=][/url]


color, 49 minutes, rd 2003
Video Sale $195, rental $65

After the revolution of 1959 and the U.S. embargo that followed, the people of Cuba were left to fend for themselves. Deprived of even the most basic goods, they scavenge the alleys and scrap heaps, giving new vitality to the discarded. Their recycled products are often remarkably ingenious and creative. For Andrs the sculptor, Tomas the canary breeder, and the other subjects of Sin Embargo, even the greatest pressure – whether levied by government or circumstance – cannot crush the spirit nor quash the desire to forge a better life for themselves and their families. Shot entirely in Cuba, Sin Embargo is a look into the hearts and dreams of struggling peoples and a tribute to their optimistic and resourceful determination to survive.

Festival Screenings
Guanzhou Film Festival, 2003
Gotenburg Film Festival, 2004

The next screening is at:
The Boston International Film Festival
Friday June 25th
Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston St, Boston

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Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing the film.