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President Fidel Castro inaugurates Cuban Sports Olympiad

Posted April 25, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


HAVANA (PL)—Cuban President Fidel Castro officially inaugurated the 2nd Olympiad of Cuban Sports in a ceremony held in Havana’s Sports City.

“Good ideas do unfold, despite human ambitions besetting them at times,” Fidel affirmed at the beginning of a brief speech in which he highlighted the development of Cuban sports in recent years.

To applause by those attending, Fidel, in full dress uniform, predicted a promising future in sports for the poor nations, even if the Cuban flag does not scale the podium in international competitions.

“The ideas that convene us today were born just a year and a half ago and are already promising good results,” he affirmed, referring to many initiatives underway countrywide to raise Cubans’ living standards.
“Together with the revolutions in education, culture and health, we are to have a revolution in sports,” Fidel added.

He highlighted the repair of 17 sports colleges and the role of thousands of instructors who are offering their services all over the world without their human qualities being questioned.

“Noble and selfless efforts will join together with the boom of all sports in many countries of our hemisphere and other Third World countries,” Fidel affirmed.

He also praised the labors of the International School of Physical Education and Sports located here, where “thousands of young people from the Earth’s poor countries” are being trained.

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