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Cuban baseball memorabilia collection

Posted April 21, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

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A look at some of the highlights of a Cuban baseball memorabilia collection built by Orestes Chavez.

_ A 1935 Havana baseball club uniform. The oldest known existing complete Havana uniform. The seat of the uniform’s pants is repaired with a piece of fabric from a sack of sugar; the patch still has the sugar sack’s serial number on it.

_ A 1946 Havana uniform worn in a game by Salvador Hernandez. It includes game-worn socks.

_ The trophy given to the Cuban Professional League champion, with the winner’s name on the back. The trophy also bears the name of Panchin Batista, the brother of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista who ran Cuban athletics.

_ A 1920s era baseball glove, one of several in his collection.

_ A Cuban National Team jersey, circa 1951, with the Cuban emblem and its flag on the jersey.

_ A bat by used in a game by Cuban player Ray Noble. Also, a bat signed by dozens of Cuban baseball players, from 1940s-era players to Jose Canseco.

_ Hand-painted glass and ceramic figurines for Cuba’s four professional teams. Hollow inside, they can hold brandy or other liquids.

_ Programs for several baseball teams from the 1940s and 50s. Include photos of youthful-looking players such as Tommy Lasorda and Don Zimmer.

_ A Japanese league jersey for the Hiroshima Carp worn by Tony Gonzalez.

_ Jerseys from Cuban Major Leaguers Bert Campeneris, Livan Hernandez, Tony Oliva, Danny Tartabull and others.

_ An MLB umpire’s uniform from Cuban-American umpire Angel Hernandez.

_ Though not necessarily baseball related, Chavez owns a patch with a Hebrew star from the Cuban Center for Israelites. The patch was worn during the Holocaust by European Jews who fled the Nazis and came to Cuba.

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On April 21, 2004, publisher wrote:

Imagine the undiscovered treasures hidden away in Cuban attics and cellars!

Anyone up for a little international antique shopping?

On November 30, 2004, Teri Reynolds wrote:

Hi ~

My name is Teri Reynolds.  I am interested in purchasing an old Cuban Baseball Glove for my father, for Christmas.  The glove he’ describe is very old.  It may be called a “finger glove”, which was a glove used by young Cuban boys to play baseball.  He had mentioned a wish…. to have what he believes…. a true token of love, for baseball.

I have know idea, if your selling this, but I would be greatful if you could help me in anyway.

Let me know if.

Thanks you,

Teri Reynolds
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