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Wifredo Lam’s Works Exhibited in Segovia

Posted February 04, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

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Havana.- The Spanish city of Segovia is exhibiting 69 works by the renowned Cuban artist Wifredo Lam.

The exhibit, being held at Andres Laguna’s House, highlights the work of Lam, who is considered one of the top exponents of Cuban surrealist painting.

Experts describe the artist as a very interesting character, because he represents a great mixture of races and cultures: his father was Chinese and his mother was African of European origin.

Among Lam’s friends were renowned painters, including Picasso, Liger, Miro, Matisse and Pierre Loeb.

He returned to Cuba in 1941 and began developing a surrealistic style with Afro-Cuban characteristics.

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On November 14, 2004, kristina wrote:

I didnt like this website it doesnt seem to really tell you much about the subject wifredo lam and it doesnt tell me much about him at all.