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Red Sox Eye Cuban Baseball Pitcher Maels Rodriguez

Posted January 16, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


They lost out on the bidding for Jose Contreras last year. Now, Contreras looked lost for most of the 2003 season, until the end, where he came on strong for the Yankees. Contreras is expected to be a strong starter in the Yankee rotation this year. The Red Sox were close to having him for their own, but the “Evil Empire” once again won the day.

With Maels Rodriguez, that may not happen but if the Red Sox are determined, they aren’t flinching from their poker face. “We’ll have guys there to watch him but that’s all I’ll say,’’ general manager Theo Epstein said told the Boston Herald.

There is at the 24-year old Cuban refugee’s workout next week in El Salvador, where he is expected to show scouts where or not he still has that 100MPH fastball that made him famous. The Cuban government claimed Maels lost up to 15MPH off of the pitch, but the pitcher says that is all lies. Soon teams will be able to tell if they have a Cuban Nolan Ryan on their hands or a Cuban Steve Avery.

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