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DTC News.- New Cuban Feature-Length Film in Havana Theaters

Posted January 06, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana.- The Cuban feature-length film “Roble de Olor”, by moviemaker Rigoberto Lopez, is the main end-of-the-year offer in Havana theaters.
The motion picture, starred in by Jorge Perugorría and the Haitian actress Lia Chapman, is a love story threatened by racial discrimination and social injustice in the mid-19th century.

Also playing in Havana theaters are the Swedish film “The New Country” and the Argentinean movie “Todas las azafatas van al cielo” (All Flight Attendants Go to Heaven).

The Cuban award-winning film “Suite Habana” (First Coral Prize in Fiction, and Coral prizes to Best Director, Best Music and Best Soundtrack at the 25th Latin American New Cinema Festival in Havana) is also playing in Cuban theaters.

Other options at the Cinematheque of Cuba are a series of films by the Greek actress Melina Mercuri, films produced by Compañía Filmofeno and directed by Luis Buñuel in 1935 and 1936, and comedies.

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