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Demostration in Support of Cuba takes place in Galicia

Posted December 20, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana, Dec 15.- Some one thousand people took the streets of the old section of Santiago de Compostela city to express their support of Cuba and condemn the US economic blockade of the island.
Prensa Latina Cable News Agency says demonstrators marched on the main street up to the Toural square, in the old Galician capital city. Participants bore the national flags of Cuba, Spain and Galicia, as well as flags of the July 26 Movement and banners with the image of Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara.
During their march in front of the Cuban consulate in Santiago, demonstrators voiced slogans supporting Cuba and President Fidel Castro and condemning Washington’s over-40 year blockade of the island. 

They also expressed their rejection of the Spanish government’s policy which, as other European Union countries, tries to please Washington in its pressure-led policy of Cuba.
The solidarity action was called by the Francisco Villamil Galician-Cuban Friendship Association, and it is part of numerous activities scheduled to take place in Spain to mark January 1st celebrations, the 45th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
The demonstration was backed by many organizations, such as Galicia´s Communist Party, the Galician Nationalist Block and Izquierda Unida (United Left party), Galicia´s Communist Youth, the Galician Workers´ Confederation and Galiza Nova. 
The action was also joined by groups of friends of Cuba in different Galician localities, such as Pontevedra Friends of Cuba, the Julio Trigo de Vivero Association, Cocodrilo Verde, in Ferrol, the Alternativa de Vecinos Oleiros, and others.

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