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Cuban Documentaries at International Film Festival

Posted December 04, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

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Havana.- Cuba will present seven films in the documentary category of the 25th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

Over 30 documentaries will be presented at the event, scheduled for this month in Cuba, including “Así como soy”, by Carlos Leon Menendez, “Como por Primera Vez”, by Luis Guevara and Waldo Ramírez, “Domino, Domino”, by Andres Ortega, and “En la Selva Oscura”, by Gloria Bauzá Comesaña”, all of them from Cuba.

The largest Antillean Island will also be represented at the festival by “La Señora Sentimiento”, by Niurka Perez, and “Habana Abierta”, co-directed by Arturo Soto Díaz and actor Jorge Perugorría.

Argentina will present “Generacion Desaparecida”, by Jan Thielen, “Los Fusiladitos”, by Cecilia Miljiker, “Raúl Barbosa, el Sentimiento de Abrazar”, by Silvia Di Florio, “Raymundo”, by Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina, “Trelew”, by Mariana Arruti, and “Yo No Se Que Me Han Hecho Tus Ojos”, by Lorena Muñoz and Sergio Wolf.

Brazil, for its part, will compete with “Onibus 174”, by Jose Padilha, “Edifício Master”, by Eduardo Coutinho, “Mini Cine Tupy”, by Sergio Bloch, “Nelson Freire”, by Joao Moreira Salles, and “O Prisioneiro da Grade de Ferro”, by Paulo Sacramento.

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On September 05, 2004, Cindy wrote:

Hi!  I saw the film Life is to Whistle several years ago at Lincoln Center in New York City.  Another film was playing at the same time.  It was a documentary following several women as they auditioned to be in a dance show.  It was really great, but I can’t remember the name.  Can you help?  Thanks.