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DTC News.- New Cuban Vaccine against Hemofilus Influenzae

Posted November 24, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana.- Cuba will this month release a new vaccine against the Hemofilus Influenzae, the only one of its kind in the world, since it is synthetic.

Clinical trials proved the safety of the vaccine, which can cause children to create antibodies against the Hemofilus, as well as its efficacy, as over 90 percent of those who were vaccinated were immunized against the virus.

In that regard, starting in 2004, the vaccine will be administered to lactating children in three doses, when they are two, four and six months old. They will be vaccinated again when they are one and a half years old.

The Synthetic Antigens Center started the project 14 years ago, in conjunction with other Cuban institutions, such as the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center.

The University of Ottawa, Canada, also participated in the development of the vaccine, in collaboration with the University of Havana.
According to experts, obtaining a synthetic vaccine reduces costs and speeds up production.

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