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Grieving Cubans visit Celia Cruz’ home in Havana

Posted July 24, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


HAVANA - A “substantial” number of people stopped at Celia Cruz’ former home in a Havana suburb to offer condolences, said relatives who still occupy the modest house the star built with her first earnings in 1954.
The singer’s remaining relatives played her recorded music and decorated the living room with photographs and awards and with a book for visitors to sign.

“The photographs and awards were always here. My aunt Ana, who was also Celia’s aunt, kept them and cared for them while she was alive,” said Mercedes Figueras, Cruz’ cousin.

A young lady who accompanied Figueras said: “It’s a shame that the Cuban government would have wanted to ignore Celia’s merits, but countless people have come by to show their love for her.”

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