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DTC News.- Cuba Classifies for Pan-American Pentathlon Games

Posted June 03, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana.- One Cuban pentathlon athlete will compete in the Pan-American Games in the Dominican Republic, after scoring the points demanded for classification.

Frank Vicente Correa finished in the 16th position at the Northern, Central American and Caribbean Tournament of that sports discipline, scoring 1,852 points, 52 units over the score required for classification.

The Cuban athlete accumulated 952 points in shooting, 880 in fencing, 1,268 in swimming, 764 in horse riding and 988 in racing, finishing 716 points from the first place.

Another Cuban athlete, Katia Rodríguez, did not classify for the continental tournament, although she finished in the 13th place, scoring 3,872 points, a result valid for the bronze medal in the junior category.

Rodríguez scored 880 points in shooting, 840 in fencing, 1,212 in swimming, 340 in horse riding and 600 in racing, finishing 1,260 points from the champion, María Sanz, from Guatemala, who scored 5,132 points.

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