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DTC News.- Cuba Sends Medical Assistance to Algeria

Posted June 03, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana.- Cuba’s health services sent emergency assistance to Algeria to support local authorities in providing medical care to the victims of the earthquakes that hit that country recently.

The Cuban brigade is made up of 30 experts in natural disasters and 10 tons of medical aid, which will be sent to the areas that were most severely hit by the earthquakes.

Algerian diplomats in Havana thanked Cuban authorities for contributing to taking care of over 20,000 wounded people and victims of the earthquakes.

The quakes left a toll of over 2,200 deaths, 9,497 wounded people and thousands of homeless, according to the latest official reports.
The president of the Algerian Red Cross, Abdelkader Boukhroufa, said that thousands of tents are needed to shelter the homeless for the next few months.

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