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DTC News.- New Cohiba Offer Hits Market

Posted May 21, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana.- The international corporation Habanos S.A. presented a new commercial proposal of the Cohiba brand, made of tobacco from plantations in Vuelta Abajo, in western Pinar del Río province.

The new cases contain three kinds of Cohiba cigars, one of the best brands in the world.

The new offer consists of a first case containing three Esplendidos (178 mm long and 47 mm in diameter), one of the most demanded among by Cohiba cigar aficionados.

It is followed by a case containing three Robustos (124 mm long and 50 mm in diameter), which are very practical because they are shorter but the flavor is the same.

The third case contains five Exquisitos (126 mm long and 33 mm in diameter), which is highly demanded, especially by women.

According to experts, Cohiba’s quality lies in the third fermentation of tobacco leaves, which gives this brand a peculiar and unique flavor.

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