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Bottoms up! | Cuba Libre mixed drink

Posted April 30, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

By Daily Yomiuri On-Line | Paul Jackson | Staff Writer

On the eve of the 20th century, with Cuba newly “liberated” from Spain with the help of the United States, a bar packed with thirsty U.S. and Cuban troops toasted “free Cuba” while quaffing a mixture of rum, lime juice and an exotic soft drink, cola. Or so goes the legend of the invigorating Cuba Libre, one of the most highly imbibed drinks on the planet.

Pour 2 shots of light rum in an ice-filled glass, add the freshly squeezed juice of half a lime, top up with Coke and garnish with a lime wedge. Some cocktail connoisseurs insist on “improving” the recipe with a half shot of gin and a dash of bitters. But whatever the approach, the cola should never dominate.

Any inferior concoction should be described with disdain as a “Rum and Coke.”

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