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DTC News.- Cuban Book Festival in Support of Culture

Posted April 02, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana | The largest Antillean Island will host a Cuban Book Festival until April 5, with a busy program for experts and the people in general.

The first volume of “Historia de la Literatura Cubana” (History of Cuban Literature), written by a group of authors, will be presented during the festival by intellectuals from the Institute of Literature and Linguistics.

The event will also host the first national meeting of booksellers, who are major cultural promoters, and a theoretical forum in which participants will debate on the challenges and prospects of the book industry.

The program also includes the presentation of “El libro en Cuba” (The Book in Cuba) by the Cuban compiler and researcher Ambrosio Fornet, as well as several activities to celebrate the Day of Children’s Books.

On this regard, children’s books will be presented, authors will be honored and the children’s booklet “Saltar´┐Żn cantar´┐Żn” will be signed by its author, the Cuban writer Angel Augier.

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