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DTC News.- New Software for Cuban Educational System

Posted April 02, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Havana | Cuban experts created a software that develops the students’ spelling abilities, as part of an initiative to support education in the largest Antillean Island.

The computer program, called “Tesoro” (Treasure), was created at the Center for the Study of Instructive Games and Software (CEJISOFT), in the eastern province of CamagŁey.

According to experts, the software contains all spelling rules in Spanish in an attractive format that contributes to motivating children and adolescents during the cognitive process.

The game incorporates didactic situations in which children should complete words, find synonyms and antonyms, or do other tasks to exercise spelling abilities.

Although the software is mainly aimed at primary schools, it is a valuable means of consultation for users of all ages.

CEJISOFT has created over 70 computer programs, 50 percent of which are being used in the national education system.

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