Thousands of people from Suriname have recovered their sight thanks to Operation Miracle, a free-of-charge eye surgery program created Fidel Castro and carried out by the joint efforts of Cuba and Venezuela.

The fist stage of program was started in Suriname on October 10, 2005. During this stage, almost 3000 Surinamese people undergone eye surgery in Cuban hospitals in Havana and in the central province of Cienfuegos.

During the second stage of the program, a group of ten Cuban eye doctors went to Suriname in 2007 to work at the Slands Hospital in Paramaribo where they have performed almost 6000 surgeries and have treated 26,000 people.

The Cuban specialists are currently leading a study in the communities of the Nickerie and Coronie districts to detect cases of cataracts, eye proud flesh, glaucoma and other eye conditions.