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The The Rich Mix Winter/Spring Retrospective photo exhibit and movie screening event will take place in London England from January 27 through February 27 at 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road.

Rich Mix puts together a selection of films and photography that explore the recent history of Cuba, taking a look at the island 50 years after its Revolution.

Cuban Stories in photographs

by Angel Gil, Helena Smith and Claire Boobbyer

Three photographers come together to celebrate and explore life in Cuba, from its resilient, creative people to its painted propaganda, crumbling architecture and vibrant street life.

Angel explores the relationship between people and place. We follow twenty seven year-old Michel Palacio Colina as he discovers a passion for rearing and training messenger pigeons for racing and finds his peace within the hustle and bustle of Cuban life.

Helena’s black and white images capture the Cuba of 2009, 50 years on from the Revolution, with reportage-style portraits and cinematic street scenes.

(Claire Boobbyer photo)

Claire recently made a 5000-kilometre road trip round Cuba in the process capturing striking propaganda images that adorn walls, billboards, workplaces and roadside hoardings across the cities and fields. Claire’s new book, Frommer’s Cuba day by day has just been released.

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