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Posted October 08, 2009 by publisher in Cuban Cigars

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Our writer from Havana has sent us this information regarding the Partagas Meeting of Customers and Friends that will be held in Havana from November 16th to the 19th.

Monday November 16th - WELCOME

Time: 8:00 pm
Price: 50.00 CUC

Dinner-Buffet and Cocktails
Tasting of three Habanos made especially for the event.
Show awards and acknowledgments of special participants

Tuesday November 17th - DAY AT THE BEACH

Departure from Partagás and Hotels 9:00 am
Price: 75.00 CUC

Water Sports, Dancing, games, cocktails, tasting of three special Habanos and lunch.

Wednesday November 18 - DAY OF THE CIGAR ROLLER

Place: Casa del Habano Partagás
Time: 3.00 pm

Meeting with prestigious Cuban cigar rollers, competitions and tastings

Thursday November 19th - DAY IN THE COUNTRYSIDE

Departure: from Partagás and Hotels at 9:00 am
Price: 75.00 CUC

Cuban games and dancing, cocktails and lunch. Tasting of three special Habanos.

Friday November 19th - FAREWELL DINNER

Time: 8:00 pm
Price: 150.00 CUC

Exquisite farewell dinner combined with excellent Habanos, gift bag with promotional items. Awards, show, auctions and prizes.

Click on the image above to see the full size program in Spanish

Contact the Organizing Committee for more information at:

Industria 520, La Habana, Cuba

(537) 862-3772—866-8060 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Sergio tells us more about this great Cuban cigar party in Havana…

Cigar smokers are a gregarious crowd. Though many would indulge in the solitary pleasure of enjoying a good cigar accompanied only by good Cuban rum or coffee and the sound of some special Cuban music, it is true that most people enjoy a coveted Habanos cigar in the company of a jolly group during a party or after a good dinner.

This, in Cuba, is particularly true during the Partagás Festival event, or as it is commonly known, Meeting of Friends and Customers of Casa del Habano Partagás.

Celebrated twice a year—in April and then in November—as part of a promotion strategy, the event gathers Cigar connoisseurs from all over the world.

Not only do business clients of the most famous cigar shop in Cuba, Partagas, come to Havana for this event but many cigar lovers come to the land of the Habanos to spend a week indulging in the guilty pleasures of smoking, drinking and eating special meals.

The focus of the event is the famous Partagás Factory and cigar shop located in Old Havana. It was founded in 1845 by the Catalonian businessman Jaime Partagás who had started producing his brand of Cigars in 1827 in a makeshift factory nearby taking advantage of new the tax holiday granted by the Spanish Metropolis over the Cuban tobacco industry.

The cigar shop or “Casa Partagás” opened for business in 1991 after a remodeling of the first floor of the Factory building. Special care was taken to restore and reuse the antique furniture and shelves from the 19th century in order to keep the style of the era. After a three year renovation, a bar and cigar lounge “La Casa del Habano Partagás” opened its doors. This was the first cigar lounge of its kind in Revolutionary Cuba and today it’s known as “The Mother of all Cigar Houses”. Today there are ninety Casas del Habanos around the world that owe their origin to this Partagas cigar lounge.

With the aim of promoting the Cuban cigar, different events were hosted in Havana. The first formal cigar dinner was held in 1998 at the Cabaret Tropicana and other Cuban cigar dinners followed at the Hotel National, Hotel Melía Habana and Melía Cohiba. These dinners succeeded in gathering an ever increasing crowd of Cigar aficionados, amateurs and businessmen from the cigar world who came to enjoy, during week long events… the joys of the aroma of Special cigars, excellent food, fine wines and the no less famous Cuban rum.

A particular feature of these events is the special cigars made expressly by the cigar roller of the shop, Leopoldina Gutierrez, also known as “La China”, a nice lady who is today one of the best cigar rollers in the world.

During these dinners, there are also raffles for prizes and auctions of custom-made Cuban cigar humidors that are filled with very special cigars. These cigars feature double rings to mark the Anniversary of the Casa del Habanos.

In 2002 some of these humidors, jointly signed by the then President Fidel Castro and US film-maker Steven Spielberg, drew hefty sums of money… more than $200. which was donated to help the Cuban healthcare system.

Visitors to the Casa Partagas will find a friendly ambiance and welcome thanks to the dedication and personalized care that its manager, Abel Exposito, is always ready to give.

Regular visitors of the Casa Partagás include famous people from the arts, politics and business, among them actors such as Gerard Depardieu, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Cuban singer Compay Segundo, the famous tobacco farmer Alejandro Robaina and many others.

As you can see from the events listed above, all event attendees will experience a great Cuban cigar event. There will also be a meeting with famous Torcedores (cigar rollers) so people can learn some of the tricks of the art of making perfect Habanos. Attendees will be able to ask questions and watch as these humble men and women produce these pieces of masterworks.


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