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Posted October 13, 2003 by publisher in Cuban Culture

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Rally Marking October 10th
Blockade, more severe than before
Cuban Vice-president Underscores Results of Community Project
Latin American Universities Set up Research Network
Cuba and Tanzania Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation Relations
A Hundred of Health Care Centers Undergo Refurbishing
Vietnamese heroin receives Cuban delegation
Effects of the US blockade towards Cuba denounced in Spain
Central American parliamentarians visit Havana
Japanese Communist leader receives Balaguer
Culture harmed within blockade
Venezuela Looks Forwards to Hosting World Youth Festival
Homage Paid to Guerrilla Fighter Ernesto Che Guevara
Digital Forum on Journalism and the FTAA
Holguin Province Still on Alert due to Current Drought
Monument to victims of Flora cyclone
International Forum of Humid Soils continues
Italians show solidarity with Cuba and The Five
Cuba and Vietnam renew friendship agreement
Room of Fame for Cuban Baseball to be built
Cuba and Greece to increase cooperation regarding sports
Solidarity with the Five Heroes in Berlin

Cuban Vice-president Underscores Results of Community Project

Union de Reyes, Matanzas, Oct 9th (AIN) Cuban Vice-president
Carlos Lage underscored the results of a project aimed at
improving living and social conditions of sugar worker’s
communities based around sugar mills.

The program prioritizes some sugar factories which, just
as the Puerto Rico Libre mill, remained inactive in an
effort to look for improved efficiency in the sector that
undergoes an economic change.

During a tour of the town based around the sugar mill,
Lage saw the ongoing refurbishing of schools, medical
offices, service and recreational facilities.

During his conversation with local neighbors and leaders,
the Cuban Vice-president learned of the improvement of
pharmaceutical supplies, of the provision of food for the
basic basket as well as public transportation.

Also encouraging has been the integration of the community
to the national electricity network, and that local
dwellers will soon have more recreational options, which
is also part of the project.

Latin American Universities Set up Research Network

Camaguey, Oct 9th (AIN) A research network has been established
by the universities of Puebla, in Mexico, Javeriana, in Colombia
and the University of Camaguey during the 6th International
Conference on Built Patrimony.

The event, which closed Thursday after four days of
sessions that ran parallel to the First Congress of
Historic Cities, was attended by one hundred professors
and experts from 12 nations. Participants agreed to a
number of cooperation actions.

Doctor Oscar Prieto, Director of the Study Center for the
Preservation of Historic Centers at the local university,
told AIN news agency that an international course on the
preservation of historic centers will soon be open by the
University of Camaguey.

Cuba and Tanzania Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation Relations

Havana, Oct 9th (AIN) The 13th Session of the Cuba-Tanzania
Joint Commission for Economic, Scientific and Technical
Cooperation wound up Thursday with positive results for the
further strengthening of bilateral cooperation relations.

After two days of work, participants signed an agreement
describing the joint commission results, as well as
general conditions to re-initiate Cuban technical
assistance in that African nation plus a cultural exchange

Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Investment and Economic
Cooperation, Marta Lomas and Tanzania’s Minister of
Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Jakaya
Mrisho Kikwete penned the important documents.

The Cuban government oficial said that both parties
identified new sectors to expand relations between Havana
and Dar es Salaam in the fields of cultura, tourism,
sports, public health, agricultura, among others.

Rally Marking October 10th

Havana, Oct 9th (AIN) A rally to commemorate the 135th
anniversary of October 10th, marking the beginning of the
struggle for national independence, was held Thursday as
wreaths sent by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro and Army
General Raul Castro were laid at the statue of Carlos
Manuel de Cespedes, at Old Havana’s Square of Arms.

Revolution Commander Juan Almeida Bosque attended the
Ceremony, in which the Historian of Havana, Eusebio Leal
said that on that date, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes broke
the chains with the past at the La Demajagua sugar cane,
freed his slaves and proclaimed the independence of Cuba;
by that action he has been called the Father of our
Homeland, he stressed.

On closing the commemoration, Almeida and other guests
toured the City Museum, in particular the Hall of Flags,
which treasures the flag carried by Carlos Manuel de
Cespedes and his troop during the beginning of the war
against the Spanish colonial rule in Eastern Cuba.

A Hundred of Health Care Centers Undergo Refurbishing

Holguin, Oct 9th (AIN) Cuba’s Health Minister, Damodar Peña said
that 97 out of the country´s more than 400 health care centers
have been or are being submitted to general refurbishing.

Some of the benefited facilities include one in the
Municipalities of Mayari, another one in Urbano Noris and
a third one in Alcides Pino, the municipality with the
largest area in this Eastern city, and whose refurbishing
and remodeling works were underscored by the Cuban health

When the last health care center begins to be refurbished
soon, over 40 000 local residents will receive excellent
medical assistance, as stipulated by the commitment
undertaken by the Cuban health system.

Vietnamese heroin receives Cuban delegation

Havana, Oct 9 (AIN) Vietnamese heroin Nguyen Thi Binh,
President of the Fund for Peace and Development, received
today Sergio Corrieri, President of the Cuban Institute of
Friendship with the Peoples ( ICAP), who is visiting Hanoi,
Prensa Latina informs.

During the meeting, both leaders talked about the
traditional collaboration and cooperation links of both
Parties, Governments and peoples.
According to diplomatic sources, Thi Binh and Corrieri
exchanged information about the friendship and solidarity
actions being carried out by Vietnamese and Cuban

Effects of the US blockade towards Cuba denounced in Spain

Havana, Oct 9 (AIN) The unfair US blockade towards Cuba
includes all human activity´s branches and goes beyond the
US borders, confirmed Wednesday Cuban Ambassadress to Spain
Isabel Allende, Prensa Latina reported from Madrid.

In a press conference, the diplomatic gave to some 20
Spanish media the report presented by the Cuban government
to the UN on the economic, commercial and financial
embargo, unilaterally imposed by Washington to Havana.

Allende denounced that after four decades of aggressions
and sanctions against Cuban people, six out of 10
inhabitants have been born during the blockade stage.
As a consequence of that hostile policy, the damages
increased every year and regarding money, there have been
losses of some US$ 72,000 billions.

The document, that will be reviewed by the UN General
Assembly in November 4, repeats the denounces on the
affectations caused by the unfair blockade in the daily
life of every Cuban, in spite of the international
rejection to such practices.

The Cuban ambassadress highlighted the self determination
right of her people in front of the lies of US President
George W. Bush, and his allies in Washington and outside.

When replying to question such as the current relations
among Cuba, Spain and the European Union (UE), the diplomat
repeated that the old continent has been an important
alternativa in the diversification process of the
commercial relations of her nation.

She recalled the institutional and cultural links of Cuba
with European representations, but, “in a moment of more
aggressiveness and the recent sanctions that the European
union is trying to impose, the Island has the legitimate
right to defend its security with full sovereignty”, she

When referring to the persistence of the White House of
accusing Cuba of developing an unlimited programs of
biological weapons, Allende considered as coarse lies such
insinuations devoid of evidences in spite of the Cuban
call on the US government to show that it is not brazenly

Central American parliamentarians visit Havana

Havana, Oct 9 (AIN) A delegation of deputies of the Central
American Parliament deputies met Ramiro Abreu and other
officials of the International Affairs department of the
Party Central Committee in this capital.

The visitors and their Cuban guests exchanged opinions on
the politic, economic and social situation in its
respective nations, Granma daily informs today.
The Central American deputies placed a floral wreath in
front of the monument to the Cuban National Hero, Jose
Martí, and visited the Memorial made in his honor.

The Panamanian deputy, Gladys Carrasquilla, Vice President
of the Board of Directors of the Central American
Parliament, said that this is a wonderful visit.

She added that from no won she can say she knows Cuba, the
truth hidden from people that have never been in the
Island. The parliamentarian explained that she always
depended on other people´s information, some with distorted
ideas and other with their truth, but she would never have
had the true conclusion as she does now.

Dominican Milagros Díaz, Secretary of the Board of
Directors of PARLACEN, said that she is very pleased for
being in Cuba, and although there are differences, there
are many other positive things, that the Island may show to
all the peoples of the area.

She said that nowadays, there is a difficult situation in
front of globalization and the FTAA and more than ever they
should think what does Cuba needs from their solidarity to
begin that fight together.

Culture harmed within blockade
By Adolfo Silva Silva

Blockade is more than 40 years and it counts with a huge
monument to barbarity.
It is the economic, commercial and financial blockade
imposed by the United States to Cuba.

It is a war where six out of 10 Cubans have born and
survived and an onslaught of cruelty has been addressed to
impact any life’s gap.

It not even forgives culture, one of the most precious
man’s treasures.

Constant siege prevents trade activities within North
American soil and that includes Cuban artists’ performance
and payment.

Hindrance also includes the island’s institutional presence
within the North American market on Plastic Arts, editions,
sale and distribution of books.

Industry and artistic teaching are at the same time, a
sanction’s goal. Products’ importation is banned in the
Northern country, and that causes an increase of
expenditures due to the need of buying products to other

Kinks affect either way, and in culture joint filming
productions, distribution and disc trade and other spheres
of creation and literary artistic promotion.

In its cruel tendency of punishing the Cuban culture, the
blockade denies or limits the presence of North American
cultural expressions in the island.

And that is how a crazy sentence has been issued on the two
peoples’ fair right to exchange the results of art.

Not even basic wisdom can admit such a deep insult to human

Forbiddance, and other tools nourishing blockade have not
been able to halt the growing enrichment of the Cuban soul.

There are enough reasons and are evident to show them, one
of these examples have to do with programs meant to raise
general culture of our people.

Blockade has supposed for the island according to
preliminary estimations, economic losses reaching some 72
thousand millions of USD.

But in this huge sum there is not a place to the cruel
traces of a siege that has endured for more than 40 years.

These cruel traces are out of math estimations and are as a
fact a crime that mankind will never forget. .

Venezuela Looks Forwards to Hosting World Youth Festival

Havana, Oct 8th (AIN) Venezuela is looking forwards to
hosting the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students in
the year 2005, which constitutes the proposal to be
considered during a meeting of the Coordinating Council of
the World Federation of Democratic Youths.

The meeting, slated for next October 18th and 19th in
Budapest, Hungary, will be attended by representatives of
different countries, who will consider the host country of
the upcoming youth gathering, among other relevant

The proposal by the South American nation was welcomed
during Talks held Wednesday in this capital by the general
secretary of Venezuela’s Communist Youth Organization,
David Velasquez and the second secretary of Cuba’s Young
Communist League, Julio Martinez Ramirez.

Both leaders stressed the need to increase the support by
the world youth of the Bolivarian process, which is aimed
at the struggle for the preservation of the country’s

Cuba-Tanzanía Joint Commission is Underway
By Juan Diego Nusa Peñalver

Havana, Oct 8th (AIN) The 13th Session of the Cuba-
Tanzania Inter-governmental Commission for Economic,
Scientific and Technical Cooperation was inaugurated
Wednesday with the aim of further strengthening bilateral
cooperation relations.

Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Investment and Economic
Cooperation, Marta Lomas and Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs
and International Cooperation Minister Jakaya Mrisho
Kikwete headed both countries´ delegation to the working
meeting, which had not been held since 1999.

Lomas briefed the visiting Tanzanian government official
on the island´s economic results in 2002 and on the
current context in which Cuban economy is currently

The Cuban government official said that the island
maintains cooperation relations with 51 of all 55 African
nations, and that over 83 200 Cuban internationalist
civilians have offered their services in 36 nations of
that part of the world up to last year.

The Tanzanian Foreign Minister expressed his country’s
interest in receiving an expanded Cuban assistance,
particularly in the fields of education, science, and
public health.

During the meeting, which will run until Thursday, both
parties agreed that the Cuban pharmaceutical industry
could become an important bilateral cooperation field in
terms of purchasing generics and their joint

On Wednesday, the visitor official held talks with Cuban
Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque. Both ministers signed
three agreements to further strengthen bilateral relations
in the struggle against drug trafficking, visa exemption
and consultations among both foreign ministries.

Homage Paid to Guerrilla Fighter Ernesto Che Guevara

Havana, Oct 8th (AIN) The Cuban people paid homage to
Heroic Guerrilla Fighter Ernesto Che Guevara by holding
different commemoration actions; while under the
slogan “We will be like Che was” over 146 000 pioneer
first grade children throughout the country became new
members of the Jose Marti Pioneer Children’s Organization.

The main gathering held at the Ernesto Che Guevara Pioneer
Children’s Palace paid homage to the Heroic Guerrilla
Fighter in the 36th anniversary of his death in combat in

The President of the Jose Marti Pioneer Children’s
Organization, Miriam Janet, said that the Revolution is
not a simple sum-up of deeds and men that have made its
history, since it guarantees that each generation of
Cubans will count on others who will be tomorrow’s heroes
though they have not yet dreamed of it.

Digital Forum on Journalism and the FTAA

Havana, Oct 8th (AIN) The Digital Forum “Journalism in the
Face of Projects such as the Free Trade Area of the
Americas, ALCA” will take place next Sunday

sponsored by Radio Rebelde, the Jose Marti International
Journalism institute, and CITMATEL enterprise.

The forum coincides with celebrations for the 20th
birthday of the institute which has graduated over 1000
journalists from 23 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Outstanding press professionals and professors from that
institution will take part in the interactive forum as
panellists and will respond to questions on the current
and future work of their institution.

Those interested may access the page and hold a dialogue
with the panellists since this very moment or on Sunday,
October 12th, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Holguin Province Still on Alert due to Current Drought

Holguin, Oct 8th (AIN) A severe drought hitting Holguin
province for years has led to the exhaustion of one of the
three reservoirs that supply drinking water to this
industrial city with over 300 000 inhabitants.

For the first time since it began operations 35 years ago,
the Guirabo reservoir, with capacity for 15,2 million
cubic meters of water, has remained unable to keep
offering its service since its water reserve fell down to
the dead or safety limit, as the measure is commonly

Water supply to the populated city, which has been on
alert due to severe drought for the pats two months,
depends on another two affected reservoirs, Gibara and
Cacoyuguin. Both dams together have a capacity for over 71
million cubic meters of water.

Cuban-Tanzanian collaboration meeting to begin Tuesday

Havana, Oct 7 (AIN) The 13th Session of the Joint Cuban-
Tanzanian Commission for the Economic and Scientific
Technical Collaboration begins in this capital on Tuesday
in order to achieve agreements for the 2003-2005 period.

Marta Lomas Morales, Minister for the Foreign Investment
will lead the Cuban delegation while the one from Tanzania
will be led by Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Minister for Foreign
Relations and International Collaboration.

The diplomatic relations with the United Republic of
Tanzania were established in May 6, 1962. The Cuban
collaboration regarding health began in 1966 with the
sending of three collaborators.

Seven young people from that nation, six in higher and one
in mid level of the Ministry of Public Health, study in
Cuba- and for the current course two scholarships were
given ( Medicine and Computing).

12 sessions of the Joint Commission have been held. The
last one took place in the city of Dar es Salaam in March-
April 1999.

Japanese Communist leader receives Balaguer

Havana, Oct 7 (AIN) Jose Ramon Balaguer Cabrera, member of
the Executive Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, had a
friendly meeting with
Kazuo Shii, President of the Presidium of the Central
Committee of the Japanese Communist Party.

In the meeting, held at the Japanese Central Committee,
criteria on the current international situation, the
development plans carried out in Cuba and
the increasing menaces of the US authorities towards the
Island was exchanged.

The Japanese communist leader said he wanted to visit Cuba
soon, Granma daily publishes today.

Balaguer Cabrera also met Tsutomu Hata, ex Prime Minister
and Supreme Advisor of the Democratic Party of the
opposition, Tokyo. During the warm meeting, both parts
stated the necessity of developing even more the
relations, what makes comprehension easier between both
nations and help to the fight for peace and against any war

The Cuban leader also met Toshiko Hamayotsu, Executive
President of the Komeito New Party and participated in a
solidarity meeting with the Association of Friendship with
Cuba, journalists and other friends of the Island.

Monument to victims of Flora cyclone
By Martín Corona Jerez

Río Cauto, Granma, Oct 7 (AIN) A monument to honor the
victims of Flora cyclone that caused death to more than
1,200 Cubans, was inaugurated today in this western
municipality, where there was 700 people dead.

On a marble wall, the work shows in bas-relief, the vision
of the damages caused by the hurricane forty years ago and
includes a strong arm that represents the effective and
lasting reply of the Cuban Revolutionary Government.

The sculpture was made by technicians Jorge Carlos Batista
and Ismael Martínez, and is located at the entrance of Río
Cauto town, capital of the municipality that carries the
same name.

Flora cyclone affected the eastern part of the nation,
mainly the old provinces of Oriente and Camagüey, in
October 3-8, 1963, and its consequences were bigger due to
the lack of protecting means for the population and economy.

Its low speed, the turns registered by the eye of the storm
in its course through the national territory and the heavy
rains it caused had also influence.

After the hurricane, the Cuban government began a fast
program of construction of reservoirs, canals and pumping
stations, in order to prevent huge inundations and to take
advantage of the water.

International Forum of Humid Soils continues
By Orlando Alberto Delgado

Matanzas, Oct 7 (AIN) Ecologists from eight nations
gathered in Cuba, are exchanging experiences and giving
lectures as part of the 4th International Forum on Humid
Soils, in the Zapata Swamp, 200 km far from the
southeastern part of Havana.

20 experts from the US, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala,
Ecuador, Italy, Switzerland, and Cuba attend the event.

During the first day, the debates were on the national
policies for the humid soils management, controversial
matter that due to its topicality and importance attracts
the interest of those who defend the possibility of a
sustainable development in places with fragile ecologic

The participants in the Forum will deal today the planning
and management of marshes and until Thursday they will be
analyzing global collaboration ways for the community
education and preservation of the environment.

With those ends, they will look for viable ways to
implement legal-scientific, economic and social actions
which help to the sustainable use of natural resources that
still survive in important marshes of the planet.

Blockade, more severe than before
By Nestor Nuñez
Special Report

Right at the beginning of next November, United Nations´
General Assembly is to vote once more on a resolution
draft, condemning the North American blockade against Cuba.

It is of course for certain that as dozen times before,
Washington will be isolated from the rest of the globe,
when receiving a categorical international condemn of which
it has ignored throughout a decade.

Because it is without any doubt a United States economic
siege against Cuba that is already in its most harmful
moment, according to the revelations recently made by the
local chancellery, when the Cuban report was introduced to
the United Nation’s General Assembly, that recently opened
its session at New York.

Contrary to the image that some “Cuban specialists” give
from George Bush’ s administration has turned itself in one
of the most fierce blockade’s keepers, right from its close
ties with the Miami counter revolutionary mob and which the
Benjamin owes its electoral triumph to the nation’s post
since three years ago.

Bush has named within his administration many characters
that belong to the extreme Cuban right wing and this shows
a tendency to strengthen even more, so policy towards
Havana goes on stiffening.

Besides, Bush vetoed measures and dispositions that looked
to create a friendship relation labelled as people to

These measures and dispositions had their origin in
previous administration to that of President Bush and
certainly they tried to ease some exchanges of
intellectuals-artistic and cultural delegations, and this
decision tends to affect the North American people’s
interest itself when its is deprived from a free thoughts’
flow and of knowing other realities.

However, some have wished to see on sales of some North
American foods to the island, a flexible tendency compared
to the official Yankee’s stance.

Cuban Chancellery warned in this sense that these sales are
really carried out in spite of Bush’s government and not
because of its initiative. In fact, the president took
office with a passed legislation that allowed such
exchanges that he could not change since he lacks of
majority within congress.

However and spite of North American companies and farmers’
interests he has made a tremendous effort to do otherwise,
that is to say, he has tried to hinder at the most, sales
by means of bureaucratic moves, unusual licenses, tricks on
the transportation issue and a long list of demands and

Meanwhile donations coming from North American non
government organizations to the Cuban health system are
cancelled and imposes gross fines and punishments to
citizens of that country that travel to the island, among
other measures linked to a siege that aim to do blockade
even more rigorous and tied.

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