The entrepreneurial group LABIOFAM, which produces and commercializes a wide range of pharmaceutical hygiene products and food, has gained ground in the international market due to the high quality of its offers.

LABIOFAM products have been registered in 20 countries in Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middles East, where they are highly demanded due to their high quality and competitive prices.

The company produces biological fertilizers against vectors that transmit diseases, plastic containers, and natural dietary supplements for humans, as well as projects for laboratories and industrial plants.

Some 30 establishments make LABIOFAM products, which are commercialized through representative offices in Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Angola, Vietnam and China, among other countries.

In the health field, LABIOFAM produces Biorat (against rodents) and the biological larvicides Griselesf and Bactivec, which are used to kill vectors such as mosquitoes and flies.

LABIOFAM also produces the tonic wine VR 2000, which is recommended for patients who suffer from anemia, are convalescing or whose immune system is depressed.