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Posted August 18, 2004 by publisher in Cuban Culture

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HURRICANE Charley caused 2,916 partial and total collapses of buildings in City of Havana and Habana provinces. In the latter, 9,000 homes have reported damaged roofs.

Shortly after the final gusts had calmed from the storm that swept across Cuba from south to north over the provinces of Habana and City of Havana in the early hours of August 13, inhabitants, state, provincial and municipal organizations, with support from the rest of the country, began repairs on the considerable damage caused by the meteorological phenomenon.

Strenuous efforts are being carried out to reestablish electricity, telephone, and water supply services, which were seriously affected, as well as cleaning up streets obstructed by fallen trees, work that was undertaken by specialized brigades from other provinces around the country.

In the case of City of Havana, 140 homes were completely destroyed and a further 767 suffered partial collapse. There was also damage to schools, day care centers and industrial sites.

In Habana province, 989 total collapses occurred as well as 1,020 partial collapses, with a further 9,000 homes registering damaged roofs. In Pinar del Ro, Habana province and City of Havana, some schools were damaged.

Four people died in the province of Habana as a result of the hurricane, whilst in the capital five people were injured, one seriously and the others only slightly.

In the state of Florida in the United States, where Charley reached after sweeping through Cuba, 16 deaths have been reported so far and hundreds of people have disappeared, according to Wayne Sallade, director of the Emergencies Department in Charlotte County.

More than 215,000 people were evacuated from areas susceptible to danger in Cuba, of whom some 35,749 were provided with emergency shelter whilst the rest took refuge in the homes of relatives, neighbors and friends, once again demonstrating the spirit of solidarity amongst the people in the face of disaster situations.

Around 158,680 animals, mostly cattle and poultry, were moved to safe places.


Around 16,000 homes were partially or completely damaged by the hurricane according to preliminary figures

11 out of 19 neighborhoods in Habana province were severely hit

There was significant damage to the agricultural sector and the electricity system

More than 215,000 people were evacuated

The province of Pinar del Ro had to be disconnected from the National Electrical Energy System due to the collapse of 13 high-tension towers.

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