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Posted May 08, 2009 by publisher in Cuban Culture

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Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

If you love Cuba, political intrigue and clandestine government operations, you’ll love Havana, Top Secret.

Renowned Miami surgeon, Raymond Peters, learns a secret that throws him into a life-changing whirlwind of danger, international intrigue, and the chance to reunite with his childhood sweetheart, Sonia. Peters, still grieving over the loss of his wife Rebbie, when his childhood friend Pepe Orozco, whom he hasn’t seen or heard of in thirty years, reappears in his life with a shocking secret. Sonia, the teenaged sweetheart Raymond left behind in Cuba, was pregnant. She had a son, who is now terminally ill with cancer and before dying, wants to meet his father.

Raymond travels to Cuba with Pepe and finds himself immersed in an unbelievable conspiracy, with far-reaching political implications. He has been lured to the island as part of a diabolical plot that will allow an ailing Castro, to retire peacefully in Mexico and the CIA to run the country. He learns he’s really in Havana to perform plastic surgery on Fidel Castro and Pepe in order to switch their respective identities. Raymond is forced by Castro to do the surgery, or else his life will be in danger. He can trust no one… not even his son, Pepe, or the alluring but married Sonia, with whom he has rekindled their old romance.

Complications abound as Peters tries to escape Castro’s henchmen and a lethal siren-assassin named Marcela. Will he make it back to Miami with the love of his life and their son? Or will he pay with his life to keep Havana’s top secret?

“Hang on for a dangerous thrill ride overflowing with surprising twists and turns. David Pereda’s Havana: Top Secret goes down as effortlessly as a mojito-with the kick of a tropical hurricane. The story is filled with memorable characters, a plot so outrageous it could be true, and an island full of deceit and intrigue. What more could a thriller reader ask?” - Vic DiGenti, author of the Windrusher adventure/fantasy trilogy
David Pereda is an award-winning author and college-writing instructor living in Asheville, NC. He has traveled extensively and speaks four languages. His new mystery thriller is now available as a downloadable e-book from Eternal Press.

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