The Emilio Barcardi Museum, located in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba and one of the oldest in the Caribbean Island, is hosting an exhibition by Cuban and French artists.

The museum is hosting the exhibition “When Abstraction Converges with Figuration”, sponsored by the French Association Convergence of Arts.

According to critics, the exhibition consists of more than 70 artworks from different artistic trends created by 60 French artists.

The Cuban artists whose works are on display are Wifredo Lam, Julia Valdes, Mario Trenard, Alberto Lescay, Mearson Daniel Zafra, Danilo Vinardell, Israel Tamayo, Carlos Rene Aguilera, Miguel A. Lobaina and Reinaldo Pagn.

The exhibition is an artistic approach to European art from the 1950s. 1960s and 1970s, a period that was prolific in trends and movements in the history of modern art.