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Posted March 09, 2009 by publisher in Cuban Culture

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Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Havana: My kind of Town is a hip, streetwise guide to understanding Havana and Cuba. The book is packed with stories that provide a taste of the unique flavor that is Cuba.

Readers and travelers alike will sample Cuba’s Culture, cuisine, lifestyles and US Cuba relations. Havana - My Kind of Town will provide not only the nuts and bolts of Cuba travel, but assure you of a memorable trip. From tame to wild, it is all here at your fingertips.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Island of Cuba 1
Chapter 2: The Inglaterra 11
Chapter 3: A Stroll 23
Chapter 4: Sr. Amado Torrecilla Torres 34
Chapter 5: La Floridita 47
Chapter 6: The Old Man 63
Chapter 7: Carnival 78
Chapter 8: Risk Verses Reward 89
Chapter 9: Casa Particulars 101
Chapter 10: El Campo 111
Chapter 11: Baracoa 112
Chapter 12: Alicia Alonso 136
Chapter 13: La Cola 145
Chapter 14: Cultural Hippy 156
Chapter 15: Medical Miracle 168
Chapter 16: The Cycle of Life 179
Chapter 17: Nogales to Habana 194
Chapter 18: Santeria: Cuba’s Religion 206
Chapter 19: Mano de Orunla 221
Chapter 20: Orisha Worship 233
Chapter 21: Why Are We Enemies? 248
Chapter 22: Burnt Bridges 262
Chapter 23: Helms-Burton and Beyond 273
Chapter 24: Cuba - The Gateway to Latin America 283
Epilogue 290
Building Your Library 295
Index 312

Amazon review

Havana - My kind of Town is an immensely engaging book that’s packed with truly the most interesting experiences. The author’s love for the country and its people peeps through each page as we cruise through various experiences through his eyes. The book starts with romance and drama that spices the scene and sets the table in exploring the different places in and around Havana.

The Culture of the place, its people and their way of live is captured beautifully in this book. The author has keenly touched on subjects like Cuban culture, nightlife, and housing. The book has many stories from romance to the Cuban religion and its importance in the daily lives of the Cubans.

As we wander through the labyrinth of Cuban carnival and merry making, the reader starts understanding Cuba in its true spirit. Pick up this book for an inside look at a changing country while jaunting from serious subjects to humorous ones

About the author

Mr. King is a Cuba expert who has spent at least three months a year in Cuba since 1993. The author, contributor, lecturer and Blogger’s literary offerings include: “Fidel’s Story” a screenplay for theater or film. Fidel Castro shares the Cuban perspective of history. “Nature’s Ancient Religion” a 328 page look at the Afro - Cuban religion. It provides a keen insight into the world’s seventh largest religion of Orisha worship and IFA. Nature’s Ancient Religion is the original “green” or environmentally friendly religion.“Havana: My Kind of Town”(2009) is 332 page offering that shares the true flavor of Havana and Cuba in general. Reading like a streetwise travel journal it shares an insider’s view of the forbidden island.

Armed with “Moon Cuba” AND Havana My Kind of Town travelers will cover all the bases and get the best bang for their buck. This book is for explorers who want freedom and independence as opposed to a sterile all - inclusive trip. King’s forthright and humorous offering can be read as an autobiography or used effectively as a guidebook.

Find Havana - My kind of town on Amazon

  1. Follow up post #1 added on March 20, 2009 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    I have been reading more of the book and I must say it offers great insight into “Cubanidad” from the perspective of a “Yuma”.

    For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that this book offers great insight into the Cuban way of life from a cultured American who has spent many many hours in Cuba and is known and liked by the Cuban people.

    Cuba consulting services

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