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Posted March 15, 2005 by YoungCuban in Cuban Culture

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“Che” Freedom Fighter or Murderer?

I finally sat down and watched The Motorcycle Diaries, a story that follows Ernesto “Che” Guevara on a journey across Latin America.

After viewing the film I came to realize why lately the youth of America have been lured towards Che’s life,work and history.

Adored and hated by many,Che’s life dawns upon me as a familiar American history figure “Jesse James” and his bandits of train robbers.

Like Jesse James, Che was hated by many governments,the James gang would rob from the rich and powerful in their attempt to help the poor and weak, much like Che’s well documented history, in a way.

Jesse James and Che represent exactly what “The Powers That Be” dispise,free thinkers who will not lay down to any abusive situation brought upon the more fortunate.

Of course like Jesse James,Che has been called a vigilante,bandit and murderer,but both were extremely admired by those who they fought for, only to be branded by those they fought against.

In my opinion after reading books based on Che Guevara & Jesse James, Che can be called Latin America’s modern day Jesse James.

Like Jesse James, Che has a loyal fan following, in todays world many openly wear t-shirts bearing the images of both James and Che, but nobody in America protests against the image of Jesse James as they do with Che.

So with that said, who were Jesse James and Che Guevara? Freedom Fighters or Murderers?

I would say, two men who would stand while others sat in fear, two men who at great costs fought for what they thought was right,two men whose history will forever keep them loved and hated by many.

Perhaps,modern day Robin Hoods?




  1. Follow up post #1 added on March 15, 2005 by I-taoist with 213 total posts

    Che Guevara:  A romantic utopian idealist who, in fighting the social injustices of his time, helped spawn a totalitarian police state in Cuba, with dictatorial power concentrated in the hands of one man.  Completely intolerent of internal dissent, this police state was aided by the policies of its neighbor to the North who imposed an economic embargo that helped cement the regime into lasting power by providing a scapegoat of convenient excuses for them when the policies of communist socialism failed miserably.  Further aided by an unconstitutional American restriction on travel and an international image of David fighting the mighty Goliath to the North, the island rulers consolidated their control over every aspect of human life, while portraying themselves as benign rulers in constant struggle with an agressive imperalist.  As with many deluded utopianists, Che Guevara and his legacy “were most aided by his own unfortunate passing.” 

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  2. Follow up post #2 added on March 15, 2005 by Ozzie with 10 total posts

    Lets not forget the hundreds of thousands of Cubans that he ordered to be executed after their triumph through hollow promises only to be sent to the slaughter house himself by the very monster whom he helped. I think that if Che would have chosen another cause that was not based around a philosophy that has been proven to be a failure throughout history, he might have actually made a significant contribution to this world!

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