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Posted October 18, 2005 by bobbi in Cuban Culture

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Are Cuban Marranos really Bene-Israel or Indian Jews originaly?;How did the descendant of Bene-Israel get from india or rather Pakistan to Cuba? We first you have to start with the Iraqi Jews, who they all come from. ” All of who you say?” The Kurdish Yezidis,who related to Iraqi Jews, Karaites, Ashkenazi, and the Hunza, Yadhavas or Hare Krishna clan, Sinte Romani and the Bene-Israel them in Pakistan, Gujarat and Bombay.

Jews were exile to Babylon in 586 B.C. They went to Persia with Queen esther 50th years later. They were exile to Jurjan province in Iran on the Eastern side ofthe Caspian in 360BC then during the Macabeenan Rebellion in 147 BC they migrated to the Himalayas as Bene-Israel then to Multan weret he had large both Bene-Israel Kingdom and Solar rajput and brahmin king that Sinti Romani and the Yadhavas came or Jewish rajput unitl the Muslim came in 1000 AD. They became gypsies and Ashkenazi for the one who left when to Europe and became Marranos in French, Portugal and Spian and fled to the Latin America and Cuba. The other stayed Bene-Israel and Rajput The have various haplogroup like the U3 haplogroup, CCR5 HIV gene, Haplogroup 9, which is the same M172 haplogroup

Because unusually high frequency of haplogroups P1(M124) J2 M172 in Kurmanji-G or Georgian Kurds or Yezidiz Kurd. Karaite Jews, and Iraqi Jews.

2. P1(M124) and J2 M172 from Hunza in the Pamir in Himalayas related to Bene-Israel

3. P1(M124) and J2 M172 from Pakistani from Multan in Bene Israel
4. P1(M124) and J2 M172 in Sinte Romani gypsies related to Bene-Israel

5. P1(M124) and J2 M172 in Yadhavas clan or Hare Krishna clan related to Bene-Israel

6. P1(M124) and J2 M172 in Askenazi Jews

7. P1(M124) and J2 M172 in Turkish Kurds some of whom are more Yezidis
8. P1(M124) and J2 M172 in Sephardem Jews. Related both Ashkanazi and Sinte-Romani related to Bene-Israel

9. P1(M124) and J2 M172 Southern Portuguese Spanish and French Marranos and gypsies

  1. Follow up post #1 added on October 18, 2005 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    I forgot all these groups also have B Rh negative frequencies incuding both the Marranos and Bene-Israel.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on October 21, 2005 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    Yezidis, Some of the Hunza in Pamir, Pakistani from Multan, Sinti Romani and Yadhavas who came from Multan, We there was both a large Jewish and Zoroastrian community and. The Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews of Sinti Romani and Ashkenazi descent that went to Spain, Portugal, and France are all related the Chaldean Magi or the Jewish-Zoroastrian from Ur Babylon or Kabbalah Jews or Magi Jews.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on October 21, 2005 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    Chaldean were none-Semitic Zoroastrian that live in Ur Babylon the originally homeland of the Jews who are Chaldean or Southern Babylon. Chaldean pratice Astronomy and Astrology the were Magi just like Zoroastrians in neigboring Persia, so say Ur was originally part of Persia until the Semitic came.
    I am Sinti Romani descent my ancestors were from the people in Indian as Indian Jewish before the became gypsies the late married Sephardic form Spain, Portugal and France. and some came to Cuba as Marranos. Both the Jews and Gypsies came from pratice Astrology. I know I am Chaldean Magi descent. Which to most Jews mean nothing but to the one who truely pratice real Kabbalah or Jewish Mythicism, it mean everything because I come from a very important family.

  4. Follow up post #4 added on April 29, 2006 by Tamer

    I think most have you may have missed the original homeland of the J2 M172 as well as where it is dominant.  J2 M172 is in Anatolia(Anadolu in Turkish meaning land of many mothers).  Turks have 60%+ population that carry this trait.

    Middle Easterners, especially Jews, Arabs and Kurds are more J1.

    There are many linguist that are determined that the flow of language and thus traits of Turks flourished in Catal Hoyuk Anatolia(close to Troy or Tur-Ova meaning land of Turks.  The Turakians(Thracians) also carry this trait leading more emphasis that Turks emigrated from the Fertile Crescent to Central Asia, Central Europe and southern Ukraine were Kurgans full with Turkic artifacts carry solid J2 M172 genes.  The spreading of the genes was mainly around the time of Sumerians, then to be followed by Hittites, Etruscans, Thracians, Avars, Khazars, Huns and Oguz.

  5. Follow up post #5 added on May 24, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    If Turk carry this M172 haplogroup at 60% then the are Kurds originally if they carry the M124 haplogroup to they are related to Kurdish Yezidis. That Kurgan bull is not valid enough because both M172 and M124 haplogroups came from ancient Gorgan or Jurjan on the Eastern Caspian of Iran and Turkmenistan. This is were Aryan come from who were originally Elam-Dravidian people. Elam-Dravidian are related Jews, Kurds and Bedouins. They are the original Caanite people, Aryan people and Jewish and Zoroastrians people. Varuna is the God the Elam-Dravidian worship from Susa Elam. Varuna home city. Varuna-Mitra was the Chief God of Asuras. Ahura Mazda is the same God as Varuna Mitra or Mitravana in Multan were Magi Brahman or Gypsies came from who were originally Zoroastrian or Saura Hindu Cult.

  6. Follow up post #6 added on May 24, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    Anatolia is not the homeland. Jurjan is the original home of the Kurds, Jews, Elam-Dravidian, Bedouin, Turks, Na-Dene, Japanese, Han Chinese, Basque and other. Altaic people are what these people original were called and them.

  7. Follow up post #7 added on July 18, 2006 by Jacob

    This is a very interesting idea but I am not sure how the following occurred: “They became gypsies and Ashkenazi for the one who left when to Europe and became Marranos in French, Portugal and Spian and fled to the Latin America and Cuba.” How do you become a “Gypsy”, an “ethnic” group with its own languages, traditions, and history (among many other things)? Please let me know!

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