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Cuban documentary - sending baseball gear to Cuba

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Sports

Press Release from PatchWorks Films We want to fill you in about our progress this year——Mica’s with his effort to send baseball gear to kids in Cuba——and ours, with Got Balz?. First Mica’s work ... not withstanding the U.S. embargo of Cuba and his inability to ship… Read More

Vintage Cuban art Wifredo Lam painting sells for $3million

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Art

Caribbean Art World Magazine “Les Fiancés,” a painting by the Cuban master Wifredo Lam sold for 3 million dollars at Art Basel Miami Beach, minutes after the show opening. This is a new price record for Wifredo Lam, surpassing the 2.15 million dollar record reached less than a month ago.… Read More

Cuba Photo Gallery at the Havana Journal

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Culture

   The Havana Journal is proud to announce the upgrade of our Cuba Photo Gallery at the Havana Journal. First, we have incorporated an Images of Cuba box in our right sidebar that rotates in photos and images from our Cuba Photo Gallery so visitors can enjoy a new Cuba photo or image on each… Read More

US Customs seizes Cuban cigars at Chicago airport

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Cigars

US Customs and Border Protection officials have seized 30,000 Cuban cigars shipped from Europe to OHare Airport in Chicago over the past two weeks and are inspecting another 70,000 cigars that are believed to have originated from Cuba. The Customs office in Chicago usually only seizes about one dozen… Read More

2010 Havana Film Festival and Latin American Cinema

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Movies

by Antonio Mazón Robau - Translated by SRM. On December 3, 1979 the Chaplin movie theater opened in Havana Cuba with a grand celebration of the cinematic arts. This event brought the most significant gathering of film-makers from Latin America and the International Festival of the New Latin American… Read More

Cuban baseball scout “on deck” in Dominican Republic

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Sports

Cape Cod Times | AMANDA COMAK Cincinnati Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch in San Diego on Sept. 24 that was clocked at 105 miles per hour. It was, in one incredibly fluid motion to the plate, the fastest pitch ever recorded in Major League Baseball. In just his 11th appearance with the Reds,… Read More

Conference to explore future of Cuban architecture

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Architecture

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal NOUS is hosting the Alternative Initiatives Cuba conference to be held at the Royal Institute of British Architects (66 Portland Place, London) on October 8 2010 from 2-5pm. The conference will explore the impact of Cuba’s political and economic conditions on its architecture… Read More

American Ballet Theatre to perform in Cuba, first time since 1960

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Culture

The American Ballet Theatre of New York City Ballet has been granted permission from the US government to perform at the 22nd International Festival of Havana. The Festival runs from October 28 to November 7 and will feature a special tribute to the 90 year old prima ballerina, Alicia Alonso The ABT… Read More

General Cigar registers Cuban cigar + Cuba keyword domain names

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Cigars

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal As cigar aficionados know, Altadis and General Cigar have been fighting a lengthy legal battle over the Cohiba brand that is being documented at our sister site, Cohibas.com. Days ago General Cigar appears to have made a strategic move to expand its ownership and use of the… Read More

Cuban baseball scout Juan Hernández Nodar’s crime for inciting defection

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Sports

By Christopher Rhoads | Wall Street Journal Juan Ignacio Hernández Nodar flew to Havana, Cuba, in August 1996 with hopes of making the biggest score yet in the shadowy trade of helping elite Cuban baseball players defect to the U.S. major leagues. The former truck driver, then 38 years old and an American… Read More

Cuban art and culture conference June 10 - 13 in Provincetown Massachusetts

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Art

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal I am proud to announce that we have put together a rare gathering of Cuba experts who will offer their insight and expertise during a unique four-day conference from June 10 through June 13 in Provincetown Massachusetts. The Cuban art and culture conference will educate and… Read More

Carlos Varela tour dates bring Cuban music to the US

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Music

Carlos Varela, the acclaimed Cuban cantautor (singer/songwriter) is coming to the United States for his first concert tour in more than a decade.  The tour has been sponsored by Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt. Carlos is Cuba’s most popular folk/rock musical artist.  For thirty… Read More

Biocon buys into Cuban pharmaceutical joint venture

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Healthcare

PharmaBiz.com Bangalore Biocon subsidiary company Biocon SA, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the 49 per cent equity stake in Biocon Biopharmaceuticals (BBPL) and Cuban pharmaceutical joint venture between Biocon and CIMAB SA With acquisition of a 49% stake, Biocon and CIMAB can focus… Read More

Havana Revisited - recent photographs from the same viewpoint as old postcards

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Architecture

If you like old Cuban postcards, history and architecture, you are in for a real treat. A new coffee table book titled Havana Revisited: An Architectural Heritage, by Cathryn Griffith, will be released next month. It features more than 350 colored postcard images of Havana next to a recent color photograph… Read More

The Cuban art scene - buying art in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Art

By Celeste Mackenzie | Canadian Press If you venture into Old Havana, you can’t miss the many art galleries among the elegant arches and columns of the restored colonial streets. And, if you’re lucky, you may just come upon some of Cuba’s top artists at work there, or at least minding… Read More

Cuban doctors playing a major role in helping Haiti

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Healthcare

Tom Fawthrop | Al Jazeera Among the many donor nations helping Haiti, Cuba and its medical teams have played a major role in treating earthquake victims. Public health experts say the Cubans were the first to set up medical facilities among the debris and to revamp hospitals immediately after the earthquake… Read More

Second stage of Operation Miracle by Cuban eye doctors in Suriname a success

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Healthcare

ACN Thousands of people from Suriname have recovered their sight thanks to Operation Miracle, a free-of-charge eye surgery program created Fidel Castro and carried out by the joint efforts of Cuba and Venezuela. The fist stage of program was started in Suriname on October 10, 2005. During this stage,… Read More

Montecristo Cup tournament at Varadero Golf Club in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Sports

Registration is now open for the second annual Montecristo Cup Pro-Am golf tournament to be held at the Varadero Golf Club from April 22nd to 24th, 2010. This event is open to professional and amateur golfers worldwide. The updated schedule is available online at TheMontecristoCup.com and now includes… Read More

24 die in Cuba hospital due to cold weather… and US Embargo

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Healthcare

Reuters | Jeff Franks Twenty-four patients in Havana’s main mental hospital died of hypothermia this week, a Cuban human rights group said on Thursday, in what it called an act of negligence. Elizardo Sanchez, spokesman for the independent Cuban Commission on Human Rights, said the patients were… Read More

Henry Reeve Cuban medical brigade in Haiti

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Healthcare

Prensa Latina Members of the Henry Reeve Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics are in some Haitian localities to take care of the victims of the earthquake that took place on Tuesday. The medical brigade, which has experience in China, Pakistan, Guatemala, Indonesia… Read More

Photo exhibit - Exploring 50 years of Revolution in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Movies

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal The The Rich Mix Winter/Spring Retrospective photo exhibit and movie screening event will take place in London England from January 27 through February 27 at 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road. Rich Mix puts together a selection of films and photography that explore the recent… Read More

Cincinnati Reds buy future baseball hope with Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman

Posted in Cuba Culture > Cuban Sports

By TYLER KEPNER | New York Times The winning bidder for Aroldis Chapman, a hard-throwing Cuban pitcher, is a midmarket team with nine losing seasons in a row. The Cincinnati Reds, of all teams, took a financial risk Monday for the potential reward of an ace starting pitcher. “This is a very significant… Read More

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