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Havana Journal endorses Gingrich for Florida primary

Posted January 25, 2012 by publisher in Cuban Americans.

Rob Sequin, publisher and President of Havana Journal Inc.

First, a little background on me… I am a registered Republican from Massachusetts. I voted for Romney for Governor and I would have voted for him for Governor had he run for a second term.

On Willard Milton “Mitt” Romney… In my opinion, Mitt has been running for President for MANY years. He ran for Congress against Ted Kennedy in 1994 then organized the 2002 Winter Olympics to get attention on the international stage and then got elected Governor of Massachusetts in that same year. He first ran for President in 2008. So, I think Mitt has simply been building his resume for the job of President.

Is Mitt a good guy? Yes. Would he be a good President? I think so, good for the economy anyway. Would he be better than President Obama? YES YES YES! So, why am I not endorsing Mitt Romney to win the Florida primary? Because he was endorsed by Illeana Ros-Lehtinen and the Diaz-Balart crowd way back in November.

I have to wonder why they came out so early to endorse Romney. I have to answer “because they are confident they can push him around in order to get their way when he is President”.

That is not the case with Newt. Even though I think it’s stupid for Newt to say that he will not tolerate a Castro dictatorship under a Gingrich Presidency, IF he can win the Florida primary WITHOUT the endorsement of the anti-American Cuban Americans, then he does not owe them anything. Remember, candidate Obama won the Florida primary while the Diaz-Balarts et al endorsed John McCain.

I think Newt is very knowledgeable about history and very practical. He will be pro-business and pro-freedom so I think he would be more inclined to open up to Cuba rather than revert to Bush era failed strategies. Hopefully he will learn how much money the Miami area politicians and their cronies get every year from US taxpayers and hopefully he will learn that Tampa is PRO business when it comes to Cuba so he should not have to pander to the Miami crowd if he is elected President.

So, today I am supporting Newt Gingrich for President… through the Florida primary anyway. I will reserve my full endorsement for him to win the nomination for President.

Lastly, I think Santorum is all done. He’s too conservative and I don’t think he is objective enough to make good decisions. It’s just a matter of time before he drops out and I’m sure he will support Gingrich and not Mitt.

Then there is Ron Paul. Of course I would love to support Ron Paul because of his open Cuba travel and trade talk but he is not going to win any primaries. I hope his MESSAGE wins or at least has some influence on the Republican nominee.

Good luck Newt. You don’t need the old exile Cuban American vote to win Florida. Learn about the younger Cuban Americans, from the Marielios to recent arrivals… the ones who still have family in Cuba and you will hear a different tone. Also, imagine the Florida jobs that will be created if there are no trade or travel restrictions on Americans. THAT should be your Florida jobs platform… open up trade and travel to Cuba and now you have flights, cruises, railroad and trucking commerce ALL over Florida.

I think you’ll be shocked at how few votes the Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart’s actually bring to the polls for you.

Member Comments

On January 25, 2012, publisher wrote:

Here is a great summary of why Presidential candidates want the Cuban American vote.

On January 26, 2012, publisher wrote:

From Romney

“If I’m to become the next president of the U.S., it is my expectation that Fidel Castro will finally be taken off this planet,” Romney told them. “We have to be prepared. This is the time, in my opinion, in the next president’s first or second term, it is time for us to strive for freedom in Cuba.

“We must not allow another generation to suffer under the hands of oppressive ruler,” he said.

Romney was flanked by former Sen. Mel Martinez, former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Republican Senate hopeful Connie Mack, former Rep. Lincoln Díaz Balart and Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen who introduced him enthusiastically.

WOW. Can you say pandering???

Newt is guilty of pandering too. I guess these candidates don’t know about USAID and Alan Gross?

They are both saying this “Plan A hasn’t worked for 50 years so when I am President, I am going to try Plan A to get rid of Castro”.

It’s just silly.

Newt did say in December at a book signing in Naples Florida that he would not discontinue the Cuban charter flights that President Obama authorized.

Newt should talk about the business boon for Miami post Embargo. THAT will get him the win in Florida.

On January 26, 2012, Mako wrote:

Newt, my favorite troglodyte

On January 27, 2012, publisher wrote:

Gingrich said today:

“So one of my goals would be to flood the island with enough cellphones that are video cameras that any act of oppression is filmed by 30 people, and they start posting them: this person will be on the list after the revolution. You watch the moral of the police force drop dramatically as they are no longer all powerful.”

Ah… has anyone told him about Alan Gross?

On January 27, 2012, Mako wrote:

This man is a meglomaniac. Having said that, he has my endorsement too. With his plan to colonize the moon and have it declared the 51st state of the union by 2020. Today, I am announcing the formation of my Super Pac for the express purpose of seeking to be elected the first Governor of the Commonwealth of the Moon. All anonymous donations compliant with Citizens United rules can be sent to Stephen Colbert and are most welcome.

On January 29, 2012, publisher wrote:

“Perez endorsed Gingrich’s presidential bid on Monday. On Saturday, he told Newsmax that the buzz in the Cuban-American community has turned strongly pro-Gingrich.”