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From Little Havana to Big Havana - one man’s journey on video

Posted January 25, 2010 by publisher in Cuban Americans.

Vanguard Correspondent Adrian Baschuk travels to the last remaining Communist state in the western hemisphere to see how hard life really is there and investigates whether or not there exists any possibility of regime change.

Jorge Moreno, a Miami resident and third generation Cuban exile, is in front of the camera with the video starting in Little Havana talking about his heritage and planned trip to Cuba. The camera follows him from the Miami airport to the Jose Marti airport in Havana where his journey through daily life in Havana gives the viewer an excellent look into life in Cuba.

The video has generated over 140 comments which are worth reading if you found this video to be interesting. I wanted to post this video so Havana Journal readers can get a good perspective about Cuban Americans and life in Cuba.

Member Comments

On January 25, 2010, bernie wrote:

Isn’t there a “dentist” in Cuba Miami that could gather 85 Miami
Cubans and sail to Cuba and overthrow Castro????????????????

On January 25, 2010, publisher wrote:

I think they tried that. I was called the Bay of Pigs and it didn’t go so well.

Now the old exiles get lots of money from the US government to “study” Cuba and postulate about a post-Castro Cuba and to fund Radio and TV Marti and other useless pursuits that ONLY benefit the wallets of the old Cuban exiles and the Miami economy.

Don’t be fooled, Castro and the old Cuban exiles NEVER want the Embargo lifted.

If either side wanted it lifted, they would have done something different in the 1960s.

On January 25, 2010, paul wrote:

Old and new cuban exiles don’t want the blockade lifted. Until the Cuban monarchy stops being fascist and authoritarian, they can keep their garbage socialism, militarism, and continue getting handouts from ideological allies.

****The Cuban Monarchy ASKS for the blockade to be lifted…HELLO, doesn’t that tell you that it won’t change a thing? The Castro Monarchy achieved power through violence, and they know how to maintain the power that they have****

The Bay of Pigs wasn’t a full fledged attack, Kenny betrayed those Cubans, and that’s another reason why older and newer generation Cubans resent Democrats.

On January 26, 2010, paul wrote:

Funny that many of those comments call that video biased, but they wouldn’t call it biased if it would have been arranged via the communist government or with gushing, idiotic cult worship of che or the castro monarchy.

On February 01, 2010, howarde12 wrote:

It makes it obvious that there is only one word that counts, either in English or in Spanish or in any language: F R E E D O M.

From the spirit of the young, patriotic Cubans one can see that with Freedom, Cuba would soar!