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Solita and the Purple Moon or Solita y la Luna Morada

Posted August 05, 2008 by Margarita in Cuban Americans.

Solita and the Purple Moon/Solita y la Luna Morada is a new bilingual (English and Spanish) children’s picture book written by Miriam Isabel Elliott, a Cuban American from New Jersey.

The book has received 5 Stars by Midwest Book Review and is becoming very popular in the United States and other countries.


“Miriam Isabel Elliott arrived to the United States in 1970, along with her mother and brother in search of the opportunity and freedom denied to them in Cuba.
She has two daughters both of whom were born in the United States. It has always been her mission to teach her children to value their freedom and to love America. It is the author’s intention, through her work, to honor the children of our military during these difficult times and to bring attention to their silent sacrifice.

The author found inspiration for Solita and the Purple Moon when her daughter Melissa, a US Marine was serving in Iraq, leaving her one year old daughter behind.”
Multiple reviews from readers at home and overseas are available via Yahoo, Google, Amazon, etc. Some of the comments about Solita and the Purple Moon read as follows:” a powerful book” (from South Africa) ” the book of the Century” (from a teacher in Chicago) “a necessary book” (from another teacher), “a soon to be American Classic” (from a reader in England), “it should be part of every home and school” (from a retired elementary school teacher in LA), “thank you for thinking of those who serve America and do not wear uniforms” (from a librarian in Okinawa, a military wife), “a message of hope and enlightenment” (from a Director/Librarian in Puerto Rico), and there is much more….

Lets hope this book will continue to travel and make it to everyone that can read English or Spanish because is not only for children - this work of art brings hope and healing to our hearts in the most simple and poetic way.

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