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Cuban American Voter Guide now available

Posted January 26, 2008 by publisher in Cuban Americans.

The Cuban American National Foundation would like to thank all the Presidential campaigns for their participation and cooperation in responding to our questions. The candidates&#xu2;019 responses to the Cuban American Voter Guide are arranged in alphabetical order, regardless of party affiliation.

The complete guide can be found on the official website of the Cuban American National Foundation


Presidential candidates were provided with a questionnaire containing 15 questions aimed at obtaining their views on an array of specific issues concerning U.S. policy toward Cuba. In addition, candidates were asked to submit a brief statement providing a vision of what U.S.-Cuba policy would look like under their respective Administrations. As you will note, some campaigns opted to respond to the questionnaire as well as provide the statement, while others submitted a statement only.

In the preceding posts on responses from each individual candidate have been posted unedited and in their entirety. Our intent is to provide a forum to share, debate and question the Presidential Candidates and their positions on Cuba.

We encourage all those who share our desire for a free Cuba to participate and we hope you will all become regular visitors to as we bring you posts from some of the most informed and educated individuals on the subject of Cuba and it&#xu2;019s people&#xu2;019s strife for democracy and freedom.

Member Comments

On January 27, 2008, bernie wrote:

The Ace in the whole of this ridiculous questionaire is Ron Paul,
He did not respond, and if I understand what Ron Paul has been
advocating I would like to beleive that he would totally eliminate
all embargos against Cuba with freedom of travel for everybody,
freedom of trade, giving back to the USA citizens their rights under
the constitution.  Almost 50 years our politicians had tunnel vision
with Cuba, give it up and get a life.  My vote will go for Common Sense
Ron Paul.

On January 27, 2008, publisher wrote:

I am surprised by all the grass roots support AND lack of coverage from main stream media for Ron Paul.

He used to a be a libertarian and seems like a lot of support comes from small government people which is fine with me.

I wish him luck but he’s not main stream enough to get elected. Probably too bad.

On January 28, 2008, Cuban American wrote:

Ron Paul won’t be elected.  I have learned in my time to never pay to much attention to a politician who makes a lot of promises, because he will never get them done.  I stand by the view that the US shouldn’t normalize any relations unless the Cuban goverment is willing to meet certain criteria.  The release of political prisoners being a big one, and free press, those would make a good start.  As for Bernie, I don’t understand how someone can travel somewhere and just live like a king knowing that the money they are paying is keeping the people of that country impoverished and with no basic human rights.  So how about you get a life, if you want to travel to an island go somewhere else.

On January 29, 2008, Michael wrote:

Why don’t Cuban Americans face reallity. Fidel Castro is in charge in Cuba and
there is not a lot they can do about it. Evidently he is very popular there or he could not have held power so long. If Cuban Americans cared about there friends and relatives in Cuba they would insist that we drop our sanctions against Cuba because it would HELP the Cuban people not Fidel Castro. He is old and probably near death. LET GO OF ALL OF YOUR HATRED !!!