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Unidad Cubana issues outrageous Declaration From Miami on Cuba

Posted October 02, 2007 by publisher in Cuban Americans.

Miami Herald

Hundreds of Cuban exiles jammed into the Manuel Artime Community Center in Little Havana Monday night to discuss the future of a free Cuba as the group Unidad Cubana issued a “Declaration from Miami.’‘

Among the document’s provisions: that Cuban leader Fidel Castro not be allowed to pass power to his brother Raul; that once Cuba is free, the United States should step in and help rebuild the island; that the Communist Party be banned from the island; and that the exile community ‘‘be given a say when it is time to pick a new government’’ for Cuba, in the words of Armando Perez-Roura, a popular Spanish-language radio personality who is chairman of Unidad Cubana.

The event was held on the first day of October in honor of Cuban Independence day, which is celebrated Oct. 10.

Member Comments

On October 02, 2007, publisher wrote:

Who are these crazy people from Unidad Cubana and who do they think they are?

Is this some UN diplomatic organization trained in consulting sovereign governments with a transition? Is this some new world order organization that can force its will on other nations?

I read words like “not be allowed”, “United States should step in”, “Communist Party be banned” and “exile community be given a say when it comes time to pick a new government.

People with this mind set should not even be allowed in Cuba let alone have a say in its future? These are the same people who restrict me and all my fellow Americans from traveling to Cuba and buying Cuban goods yet send MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars into that country every year!

Just because you left or were kicked out of your country, you think you have “vigilante” rights that allows you to go back and dictate your demands to a sovereign nation?

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

On October 02, 2007, lee wrote:

just one of the frightening aspects, Cubans will have to deal with on the announcement of Fidel’s death. people will view it as a garage sale.

On October 02, 2007, cubanpete wrote:

If Cuba should ever degenerate into Burma-style chaos, the U.S. may well have to step in, as it did in Grenada when various Party splinter groups launched purges against each other.

On October 03, 2007, ron wrote:

The U.S. has its hands full with radical muslims all over the world and is spread too thin to do anything about Cuba in my opinion. There are other countries in Latin America that would come to the aid of Cuba also. To those people in Miami who deserted their country when it was run by the mafia and Batista, I say,” you have your own problems ridding yourselves of the republican machine that wont count votes properly” Vive La Revolution!!! ron

On October 03, 2007, cubanpete wrote:

The U.S. is indeed spread too thin all over the world.  It should have taken care of business closer to home 90 miles away rather than make the Mid East a priority instead of Latin America.

On October 03, 2007, publisher wrote:

Ah, a Fidelista in our midst. Ron, you sound happy that the US has “its hands full with radical musilims all over the world”.

Cubanpete, I agree with you.

On October 03, 2007, ron wrote:

No Pete, I am not happy about that at all. I am rather sad that its happening. How we let ourselves get sucked into this one is a mystery to many, I think. We weren’t capable of effectively fighting “guerilla wars” so how do you fight a war that’s “ordained” by god? tsk tsk. Where do we go from here Pete?I dont have a clue. I am curious as to what the rightous religious right has to say. On second thought, no I’m not.  Later Pete, thanks for your comments, ron

On October 09, 2007, moses wrote:

when the name fidel or che guevara is pronounced in the rest of the world people pay respect . When you enter the US cuba becomes the hell of the hispanic world. I think it is time for Americans and wannabees American from Miami to come to grip with their ignorance of the history of the island of Cuba.It maybe ok for you “great Cubans ” to cheer for American navy soldiers who urinate on the statute of the hero Jose Marti , turn your women into prostitutes and confiscate peasants’ land. But it was only a matter of time before the heroes Che,Fidel,Camilo etc, came to your own rescue and restore the dignity of cuban people.

On October 10, 2007, jamie wrote:

Very interesting Moses. You must know that very few U.S. citizens have any concept of the “outside world”. Few of them travel and when they do, it’s on a “package tour” of fourteen countries in as many days!!!!!!!!! With that they think they are culturally enlightened. With this in mind, one must know that these poor souls have not experienced spending any time in a third world country where people are still struggling for freedom and independence. In many cases their struggle is made more difficult as a result of U.S. imperialism.
Those Cubans who deserted their country are called “gusanos” (worms) and are still deluded into thinking that the U.S. is still going to kick Castro out of Cuba for them and bring back"good old capitalism”. Long live the memory of comrade Che!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long Live Cuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ron

On June 21, 2011, Armando. A Pueblo de Cuba. wrote:

sovereign government cuba? Now is the vietnam’s Lutten coronel visit to Cuba armi’s.

Bifore was the Sovie Union, Venezuela and ober and.