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Convicted anti-Castrto terroist Santiago Alvarez gets sentenced reduced

Posted June 09, 2007 by publisher in Cuban Americans.


Santiago Alvarez Fernandez brought Posada Cariles into the US on his boat Santrina.Havana, June 8.- A US federal judge of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reduced the prison sentences for anti-Cuba terrorists Santiago Alvarez and Osvaldo Mitat in what constitutes another sample of Washington’s double standard in its so-called “war on terror.”

US District Judge James I. Cohen reduced Alvarez’s sentence from 46 to 30 months and Mitat’s term from 37 to 24 months - in both cases a reduction of one third while the prosecution had asked only for a one-fourth reduction - in return for the turning over of an arsenal of weapons and explosives to the US government.

Incredibly, Judge Cohn recognized the two men’s ‘substantial assistance’ to federal prosecutors by getting their associates to hand over the illegal weapons that were to be used in terrorist actions against Cuba.

With the unprecedented arms surrender in South Florida, the federal prosecution received 30 automatic and semi-automatic weapons, one grenade launcher, several grenades, 200 pounds dynamite, 14 pounds of plastic explosives and 4.000 feet of detonator cord.

The release of the two terrorists now depends on another process that they will face in El Paso, Texas, where they are accused of refusing to testify in a process held there against notorious international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

Alvarez - a longtime supporter and financial benefactor of Posada Carriles - and Mitat, accompanied the terrorist aboard the Santrina boat to facilitate his illegal entry in US territory.

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On June 09, 2007, publisher wrote:

Isn’t that nice. The terrorist gets a reduced sentence for surrendering an arsenal of weapons.

I’m sure the old Cuban exiles figure this is just fine since Mr. Alvarez is a good terrorist.