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The Key To Being Happy and Properous In the U.S.

Posted June 14, 2006 by La Americana Hispana in Cuban Americans.

1. Be PROUD to be an American!
2. Lose the entitlement attitude, be grateful for the opportunities this wonderful country has given and continues to give to Hispanics.
3. Stop calling white people “gringos” when you do this your ignorance shows, you would not like it if a white person called you a “spic”. Extend the same courtesy and respect you expect.
4. Remember that America isnt under obligation to anyone, yet America still extends opportunity to all who come here legally. No single group is entitled to control or dominate this nation, and that kind of thinking will recreate the same situation you fled from initially. Work hard, take advantage of the opportunities, and appreciate all the things you have here that you would have never had in Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, etc.
5. Master the english language, when you dont, you create your own setbacks and barriers to success. A common language unites us all as one people and betters our chances for advancement and prosperity.
6. GO TO SCHOOL, always remember, the biggest fool is the boy who will not go to school!
7. Work hard, take care of your children and the elderly, be honest and live right!
8. Theres never a excuse for ignorance, library memberships are free…

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Well said !!