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What makes you so Hispanic? Thoughts from the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC

Posted June 14, 2005 by publisher in Cuban Americans.

Really, this is an open question. I was in NYC this weekend and found myself surrounded by Puerto Ricans. Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans were in town for the 47th annual Puerto Rican day parade.

I saw white Puerto Ricans, black Puerto Ricans and brown Puerto Ricans and then I thought about starting this “poll”. Then I thought about the title and exactly how my readers should read it.

Should it be
1. WHAT makes you so Hispanic?
2. What MAKES you so Hispanic?
3. What makes YOU so Hispanic?
4.What makes you SO Hispanic?
5. What makes you so HISPANIC?

The question is open for interpretation so read it however you like. I’m curious to read your answers.

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